United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres makes a statement outside the Security Council at UN headquarters in New York City, March 14, 2022 © AP / Richard Drew
Nuclear War is ‘Within the Realm of Possibility’ – UN Chief

“Aside from the specter of nuclear conflict, Guterres warned that “this war will have no winners, only losers.” The world’s poor will be particularly affected by soaring food prices, he said, noting that “Ukraine alone provides more than half of the World Food Programme’s wheat supply,” and that Russia and Ukraine combined account for half of the world’s sunflower oil … Continue reading

ancient space ark_main
Buried Ukraine Space Ark in Kherson Activates Leading Russia to Execute Take Over

News reports have confirmed that the Russian army has captured the Ukrainian port city and region (oblast) of Kherson, where an ancient space ark is claimed to be buried. According to two independent sources, the space ark is buried under Oleshky Sands National Nature Park, which is only 25 km (15 miles) east of Kherson. The space ark is said … Continue reading

Apocalypse Nuke_pixabay
WWIII Will be Nuclear – Moscow

““It is unacceptable to us that, contrary to the fundamental provisions of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, US atomic armaments are still located on the territory of some European countries,” the veteran official remarked.” via RT Image credit: CristianIS/Pixabay The next major conflict between world powers will involve atomic armaments and will be catastrophic for the human … Continue reading

An Encounter with the Sky People and More

In this video, two cases including one from Washington State in which a man received a visit from some very strange men is explored… What they wanted is anyone’s guess. And also, a truly bizarre case from Russia in which a farmer claims he was shown something extraordinary from some people from the sky. Beyond Creepy YouTube IF YOU ENJOY … Continue reading

Replaced, The Strange Tale of Galina Markovna (and more)

In this video, three very strange cases involving UFOs and strange entities, including one from Russia in which a woman noticed her husband seemed “different” after sighting an odd looking craft; a case from Louisiana in which a hunter happens upon some weird creatures in the forest are explored, and finishes off with a case from Denmark involving a young … Continue reading

They Were Enormous.. The Russians Saw Something in Space that is Totally Beyond Explanation

There is something very odd going on up there. After hearing what Russian Cosmonauts saw in space you too might begin to wonder what is happening in Space. These sightings, which are reported frequently, go far beyond anything one would expect to see in a lifeless and empty void. Matrix Wisdom YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS … Continue reading

Russian Space Agency Proposes Putting a Nuclear Power Station on Mars

by Ilya Tsukanov via Sputniknews Specialists from the Arsenal Design Bureau – a St. Petersburg-based subsidiary of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency specialising in the production of spacecraft, satellites, and other space technologies – have proposed the creation of a nuclear power plant for a future Russian Mars base. Sputnik was able to familiarise itself with the proposal – which recommends … Continue reading

Russian Navy and Mysterious USOS

One particularly strange underwater phenomenon attracted attention of the Soviet Navy’s high command. This mysterious phenomenon was discovered in the 1960s and 1970s. Soviet nuclear-powered submarines encountered strange sounds emanating from moving objects at great depths… IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

UFO_5 Sinister_ET_Encounters_YT-Doc-Main
5 Sinister Extraterrestrial Encounters Reported by Russian Military

During the time of the Soviet Union, the threat posed by aliens was taken very seriously – so much so, that under the leadership of Nikita Kruschev a special military task force was given the role of assessing a possible extraterrestrial threat. Russian satellites, army soldiers, secret agents, and many more operatives were employed to record and study all sightings … Continue reading

Siberia YouTube Doc 12412451
Strangest Things Found In Siberia

“Siberia is huge, making up 77% of Russia, but it’s only 23% populated. In these places completely uninhabited, strange things have been discovered, and many mysterious and unexplained things have happened, like the Tunguska Event. But scientists discovered something astonishing not long ago; a prehistoric virus that’s been sleeping beneath the ice for millions of years, and even stranger; massive … Continue reading

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