Russia and China to Build Lunar Space Station

Russian space agency Roscosmos says it has signed an agreement with China’s National Space Administration to develop research facilities on the surface of the moon, in orbit or both. A statement from both countries’ space agencies says it will be available for use by other nations. It comes as Russia prepares to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its first-ever manned … Continue reading

Microbial Life and Disease from Space Confirmed by Russians 2018

via Cosmic Tusk Lemme make this simple for tweeters. In 2018, on January 23, Russia was first to announce the discovery of space based life obtained by appropriate technical means in a collaborative international scientific effort. Based on genes swiped with a tampon from the OUTSIDE window of the International Space Station, three respected Russian national laboratories, and twelve credentialed … Continue reading

‘Do We Want the Earth to Become Like Venus?’: Putin Calls for Action on Climate Change

via RT: Vladimir Putin has called on the people of the world to come together and “tend to our planet” for future generations. The Russian President also warned that “unrestrained and unlimited consumption” will have to abandoned. Putin was speaking on Thursday to the Valdai Club, a Russian discussion forum attended by influential politicians, academics and business leaders, and visited … Continue reading

Russian Military Satellite and Chinese Rocket May Collide with Dire Consequences for Our Future in Space

For the second time in 2020, space boffins are warning of a potential collision in low-Earth orbit which could create thousands of pieces of shrapnel, threatening satellites, communications and future manned missions. Space debris-tracking service LeoLabs has sounded the alarm over a discarded Chinese rocket stage and a defunct Russian military satellite from the last millennium, which will come dangerously … Continue reading

Tunguska Event Article Main Image
Tunguska Explosion of 1908 Caused by Asteroid Grazing Earth Says New Theory

By The Physics arXiv Blog A new theory explains the mysterious explosion in Siberia, scientists say, suggesting Earth barely escaped a far greater catastrophe. In the early morning of June 30, 1908, a massive explosion flattened entire forests in a remote region of Eastern Siberia along the Tunguska River. Curiously, the explosion left no crater, creating a mystery that has … Continue reading

Mysterious Radiation Spike Detected over Parts of Northern Europe

“22 /23 June 2020, RN IMS station SEP63 Sweden detected 3isotopes; Cs-134, Cs-137 & Ru-103 associated w/Nuclear fission at higher than usual levels (but not harmful for human health). The possible source region in the 72h preceding detection is shown in orange on the map.” A mysterious radiation spike has been reported over parts of Northern Europe. Calculations made by … Continue reading

Meteorite_Russia Feb2020
Falling Meteor Fireball Caught on Camera over Russia

The natural phenomenon occurred at 4:35 local time and lasted for about six seconds. A falling meteor was caught on a CCTV camera in the Segezhsky district of the Russian Republic of Karelia. The footage shows a meteor falling at a high speed in the skies above a populated area before a bright flash occurs. The fall of the meteor … Continue reading

UFO_Russia-Nov 2019
Villagers Spooked by Huge Glowing UFO in the Sky over Krasnodar, Russia

While driving in a rural area in Krasnodar Region in Russia on November 27, 2019, two friends spotted and recorded a strange phenomenon in the sky. They decided to stop their car and take a closer look at the glowing object that hung motionless in the air. Some have suggested that it is just a sunset, however the witnesses are … Continue reading

US Analysts Paints Grim Prospects of US-Russia Nuclear War, 18M Casualties Per Hour

Moscow has repeatedly cautioned the US against deploying short and medium-range missiles near Russia’s borders in the wake of Washington’s withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. American researchers at Princeton University have presented the results of their modelling of the most drastic scenario of a conflict between NATO forces and Russia with the use of nuclear weapons. In … Continue reading

Tunguska Event Helped Researchers Recognize Potential Meteor Threats to Earth

Tunguska Event occurred on June 30, 1908 Russia’s state emergency center has shared some of the most worrisome scenarios that presumably await planet Earth in the decades to come, and, most importantly, outlined how dangerous the contact with celestial bodies might turn out. Large asteroids of up to one kilometer in diameter are feared to come into dangerous proximity to … Continue reading

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