Russia’s ‘Deadliest Maniac’ Confesses to 56 More Murders, Gets SECOND Life Sentence

A former cop, dubbed Russia’s deadliest maniac, was sentenced to life after a court found him guilty of 56 more murders which he confessed to. He is already serving a life sentence for killing 22 women he deemed “loose.” Popkov, nicknamed ‘the Werewolf,’ has been given a second life imprisonment by a court in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, Russian … Continue reading

Bright Daylight Fireball Explodes with Sonic Boom over Russia, Meteorites Possible

A very bright daylight fireball exploded over western Russia during the early morning hours of June 21, 2018. The event lasted several seconds before the object disintegrated in a bright flash. The meteor was seen from the cities of Kursk, Lipetsk, Voronezh and Orel. A sonic boom was associated with this event and reported by residents. The video below shows … Continue reading

US and Russia Came Uncomfortably Close to Fighting a Nuclear War over Syria in 1973

On the night of October 24, 1973, came the dreaded words: Assume Defcon 3. On bases and ships around the world, U.S. forces went to Defense Condition 3. As paratroopers prepared to deploy, B-52 nuclear bombers on Guam returned to bases in the United States in preparation for launch. On another October day eleven years before, the United States had … Continue reading

Russia to Open First Sex Robot Brothel in Moscow

From Russia with Love? Wait till you read the details..personally found some of it weird and creepy.. not judging, just saying. via Sputniknews: Nightlife in the Russian capital may soon take on a new variety with the upcoming opening of the first legal sexbot brothel in the country. The first Dolls Hotel adult entertainment center featuring sex robots is scheduled … Continue reading

Russia’s Electromagnetic Weapons Could Surpass ‘Efficiency’ of Nuclear Weapons

Russia is developing radio-electronic weapons, which use a powerful UHF impulse capable of destroying all electronic equipment miles away and even changing the course of a war. Alexander Khrolenko (RIA Novosti) – The Listva, a remotely operated mine clearance vehicle capable of detecting and blowing up mines up to 100 meters away, is one such weapon. An armored vehicle equipped … Continue reading

Night Turned to Day by Stunning Bright Flash over Vast Area of Russia

Flash seen over thousands of kilometres but scientists disagree over the cause. The extraordinary light show – seen here on videos – came on the night of Orthodox Christmas Day this week. The black sky suddenly turned momentarily deep blue as if on a bright day – but according to some accounts, the earth moved too. Experts insist the phenomenon … Continue reading

New Theory on What Happens Inside Black Holes Developed by Russian Physicists

Physicists from Moscow’s Steklov Institute of Mathematics have come up with a testable theory on how matter behaves inside a black hole. The researchers’ work, published in the September 2017 issue of the Journal of High Energy Physics, also proposes a theory that would reconcile quantum physics and the theory of general relativity, which describes gravity. “We used an approach … Continue reading

Mystery Surrounds Blue Snow in Russia

Authorities in Russia have been attempting to determine what has been giving the snow its peculiar color. Residents of St Petersburg were left perplexed this week after waking up to find that the snow in their gardens was far from the pristine white typically associated with the festive season. The disconcerting blue tinge was reported across the city, prompting an … Continue reading

Russia to Build Egypt’s First Nuclear Power Plant

Yes, because that is what we need on this planet, more nuclear power and poison! On top of that, place it in a country with a volatile society…very reassuring. via RT: Moscow and Cairo have signed an agreement to construct Egypt’s first nuclear plant. The project will cost $21 billion and is due to be finished by 2028-2029. The preliminary … Continue reading

Traces from Nuclear Tests Conducted In Early 1960s Found In Russian Pine Trees

A panel of experts representing the Institute of nuclear physics SB RAS, confirmed that the nuclear tests conducted by the superpowers in the early 1960s, influenced the environment on a global scale. To such conclusion scientists have come, having studied annual rings of pine trees the Russian. From September 1945, various countries produced about two and a half thousand nuclear … Continue reading

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