A Geyser of Mud From San Andreas Fault is Creeping Across California and it’s Unstoppable

A mud puddle doesn’t really sound all that threatening, but there’s one in California’s Imperial County that’s so troublesome, an emergency had to be declared earlier this year. It’s called the Niland Geyser and it’s exactly that, a geyser of bubbling mud. But there’s a strange twist – this menacing puddle has been slowly creeping across the ground, to the … Continue reading

4.5M Earthquake Near San Andreas Fault a Reminder of it’s Potentially Devastating Power

With scientist warning of an increase in large earthquakes this year due to a slow in Earths rotation and geological activity going on in Hawaii one has to take these events a little more seriously. via LA Times: A magnitude 4.5 earthquake shook a large portion of Southern California on Tuesday, and was felt from San Diego to Santa Clarita, … Continue reading

San Andreas Fault (AKA Mendocino Fault Zone) was Stressed by the 6.5M Earthquake

A Magnitude 6.5 earthquake rattled the northern California coast on Thursday morning, swaying buildings in Humboldt County and releasing enough energy to be detectable in San Francisco. This was a signature earthquake of a part of California that may be as overlooked in earthquake science as it is in popular culture. Though the phrase “California earthquake” brings to mind San … Continue reading

San Andreas Fault: Extremely Deep Originating Earthquakes Making Scientists Nervous

A NEW study has revealed that earthquakes in California are originating from much deeper underground than it was thought, meaning that they will be even more devastating than previously feared. Californians are currently on a knife-edge as experts believe that they could be close to a devastating earthquake when the San Andreas fault finally gives. Seismologists thought that powerful earthquakes … Continue reading

7.0+ Earthquake Could Shake California… Today or Tomorrow

Southern California is on a heightened earthquake alert until Tuesday. The first ever, “earthquake advisories” issued for Los Angeles sounds like something out of the movies. Geologists with the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council (CEPEC) say a 7.0 could hit at any moment either today or tomorrow. The reason for the hype? A large grouping of micro-quakes have occurred with … Continue reading

Recent Salton Sea Earthquake Swarm Raises Risk Of Massive Earthquake on San Andreas Fault

Major earthquake risk at Salton Sea? It is only the only the third time since 1932 that the area had seen such a swarm, and this one had more earthquakes than the events of 2001 and 2009. Seismologists are worried the recent earthquake swarm at the Salton Sea will temporarily increase the likelihood of a major quake in Southern California. … Continue reading

‘No One In The World Is Safe’: Expert Warns Of Overdue High Magnitude Earthquakes Along Earth’s Major Fault Lines

A SERIES of overdue high magnitude earthquakes is expected to strike at any moment along some of Earth’s major fault lines, an expert says. UTS Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering senior lecturer Dr Behzad Fatahi said “no one in the world is safe” from the looming natural disasters of potentially apocalyptic proportions. “There are a lot of magnitude 6-plus earthquakes overdue … Continue reading

US, Mexican Scientists Predict Armageddon in California

US and Mexican scientists have made yet another warning about the danger of destructive earthquakes in Southern California. Geologists of Mexico and UC Davis (USA) continued the study started by the USGS, the Southern California Earthquake Center and the California Geological Survey. According to the researchers, tremors may produce the “domino effect” in the fault network in California. The effect … Continue reading

“Major” West Coast Earthquake Concern Growing as San Andreas, Melones and Elsinore Faults Spew More Carbon Monoxide

Beginning on February 26, NASA satellites in space began detecting staggeringly large emissions of Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas along the west coast. As evidenced by the satellite image below, the emissions were far too big, too highly concentrated and covered too vast an area to be man-made. On the satellite image below, the areas in black, purple and brownish-orange show … Continue reading