Two photo combo of rainmaker Charles Hatfield. On left is a March 15, 1924 image of Hatfield, on ladder of tower he built in Coalinga, California, for fulfill a $8000 contract for deliver two inches of rain. Hatfield, on right, scans sky for Los Angeles Times photographer Gordon Wallace during a 1947 interview at his Eagle Rock home.
Weather Modification Goes Wrong in 1915, Rainmaker’s Chemical Cocktail Produces Floods

During a drought in California, Hatfield was hired by the San Diego city council with a four-to-one vote and promised $10,000 in a handshake deal if he could make it rain. He convinced people he had the methods of creating rain from a chemical cocktail he formulated. Witnesses claimed he shot the chemicals into the air like bombs, spurting fumes … Continue reading

Big Mysterious Booms in San Diego Still Unexplained

On January 24, 2017, at 3:18 pm, numerous people in California’s San Diego County heard at least two mysterious loud booms and many reported seeing a glowing ball in the sky west of the county. More booms were reported early the next morning and at 11:50 am. As of this writing, the booms remain unexplained and the residents of San … Continue reading

Two Meteor Fireball Sightings: New Zealand & San Diego California USA

Meteor Fireball Spotted in Skies across New Zealand People across the country are reporting what is possibly a meteor shining bright as it passed overhead on Friday night. The “huge fireball or space junk re-entry” was reported in the skies above the capital from about 7.30pm. A resident in the Upper Hutt suburb of Totara Park said they thought it … Continue reading