Galactic center 1
Scientists Believe There May Be Intelligent Alien Civilizations Near the “Galactic Center”

The University of New South Wales (Australia) and the US Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have published a joint report where they reveal the best places where alien life might have developed. It seems that after all, our universe might be crawling with alien life. Australian scientist Ian Morrison of the University of New South Wales and Michael Gowanlock from … Continue reading

Scientist’s Acknowledge Planet X “Can Kill ALL Life on Earth” (VIDEO)

Every new generation of scientists seems to “re”-discover the elusive “Planet X”, only for their discovery to be brushed under the rug for reasons of “national security”. As of late though, numerous scientific journals, feature filmmakers, and now even the highly respected “Weather Channel“, have all made recent announcements of the REAL POSSIBILITY that a dangerous heavenly intruder, only visible … Continue reading