Study Confirms Sheep Do Recognize Human Faces

Sheep are awesome (and sometimes funny) intelligent, emotional, social animals that CAN recognize faces of other sheep and now it seems a study confirms they can recognize human faces too. The way these intelligent creatures are treated and horribly kept and killed for food must be changed. Doe the label of ‘dumb animal’ make it easy to justify the horrific … Continue reading

On left, Xenia. On right, Stanwood, a LaMancha who is over 10 years old. (Kevin Horan)
These May be the Most Magnificent Portraits of Goats and Sheep You’ll Ever See

When photographer Kevin Horan moved into a house on quaint Whidbey Island in Washington state, along with it came a small herd of woolly neighbors. Whenever he came or went, he was greeted enthusiastically by a chorus of bleats. “Soprano, bass, raspy, soft, quick, slow: they were all different. It occurred to me these creatures were all individuals,” Horan said … Continue reading