Physicists Theorize Wormhole Travel Is Possible

In a paper published in the physics journal, Classical and Quantum Gravity, Dr. Diego Rubiera-Garcia from the University of Lisbon in Portugal, and his team, posited that a physical object, such as a person or spacecraft, could survive the gravitational forces of wormhole travel. To make the theory and math work, they do have to play fast and loose with … Continue reading

The universe may have been born from a black hole in another universe
Our Universe Was Born From Black Hole in 4D Universe, Astonishing Theory Suggests

OUR Universe could have been born from a black hole in a four-dimensional Universe, an astonishing new theory has claimed. Despite huge advances in scientists’ understanding of the Universe in recent decades, where the Cosmos came from remains a mystery. Equally mysterious to experts are black holes – but now some experts are starting to consider whether the two are … Continue reading