UFO_Russia-Nov 2019
Villagers Spooked by Huge Glowing UFO in the Sky over Krasnodar, Russia

While driving in a rural area in Krasnodar Region in Russia on November 27, 2019, two friends spotted and recorded a strange phenomenon in the sky. They decided to stop their car and take a closer look at the glowing object that hung motionless in the air. Some have suggested that it is just a sunset, however the witnesses are … Continue reading

Mysterious Lights Seen over New Zealand Probably Meteors, Experts Say

A group of early morning exercisers were perplexed by strange lights cutting across the Wellington sky on Wednesday morning. Experts suspect the lights, which were also seen in other parts of the country, were probably meteors flaming out in the upper atmosphere. Melissa Mebus of Houghton Bay was one of seven women exercising at a regular bootcamp on Houghton Valley … Continue reading