Mystery Surrounds Blue Snow in Russia

Authorities in Russia have been attempting to determine what has been giving the snow its peculiar color. Residents of St Petersburg were left perplexed this week after waking up to find that the snow in their gardens was far from the pristine white typically associated with the festive season. The disconcerting blue tinge was reported across the city, prompting an … Continue reading

Newfoundland Canada Spring Blizzard Brings Record Snow

The first day of spring was two weeks ago, but winter is far from over in Newfoundland. A powerful storm swept across the province this week, and another 75 centimetres of snow is expected by Tuesday evening. Over 97 centimetres was dumped on Gander over the weekend. To put that number in context, Toronto saw 81 centimetres of snow over … Continue reading

Australia Sees Summer Snow as 58 Glaciers Growing across New Zealand

Summer snows blanket New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Coldest temperatures in Perth breaking records back to 1879 and new report out shows that 58 glaciers in New Zealand are advancing. The repeated summer snow events are showing a clear trend that growing seasons are becoming shorter. Adapt 2030 You Tube Channel SHARE THIS ARTICLE – LIKE US ON FACEBOOK…FOLLOW … Continue reading

Winter Storm Causes Panic Across the American South (PHOTOS)

A Winter Storm approaches the American South, and Bible Belt states are preparing for a rare moderate snowfall by cleaning out grocery stores. Meteorologists predict that more than six inches will fall on Virginia as well as North and South Carolina over the weekend. Icy conditions are predicted for Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. 2.5" of snow – Never Forget #snowpocalypse … Continue reading

Anomalous Snow Storm: Northern Saudi Arabia Desert Blanketed in White

Snow fell over the northern part of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. You don’t believe me? Look at these pictures and videos captured by residents of different towns in Northern Borders Region, close to Jordan. After Algeria and the Sahara Desert, it is now the northern part of Saudi Arabia that is covered by snow… Another weather anomaly! … Continue reading

Snow in the Desert: Rare Snowfall Blankets Dunes in the Sahara

On Monday, a rare and beautiful thing happened: There was a dusting of snow on the red sand dunes of the Sahara. The snow fell on the northern Algerian town of Ain Sefra, which is known as the “gateway to the desert.” Karim Bouchetata, an amateur photographer there, grabbed his camera and took a number of photos before the snow … Continue reading

Abnormally Cold Weather in Saudi Arabia Results in Snowfall Turning Desert Sands Powdery White (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

It’s not every day that powdery snow covers the desert sand in Saudi Arabia – but that’s exactly what happened to parts of the country when temperatures dropped below freezing. Saudis are reacting with a healthy dose of humor, and even a few snowmen. The frigid temperatures and blanket of snow is an unexpected treat for Saudi Arabia’s central and … Continue reading

Tokyo Hit By Unusual Cold Front, Stunned by First November Snow in 54 years (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Citizens of Tokyo have reacted with a mixture of surprise and joy as the city was hit by its first November snow since 1962. While the Japanese capital does experience the occasional dusting of snow, it usually doesn’t arrive until much deeper into winter, usually falling in January or February. Wow, it's snowing. Snowing in Tokyo IN NOVEMBER!雪 (yuki) snow … Continue reading

Strong Cold Front to Bring Damaging Winds/Snow to South East Australia With Severe Weather Warnings Issued

LARGE parts of the nation’s south east are on alert as another severe cold front moves in from the south bringing damaging winds, rain — and more snow. Severe weather warnings are current for many areas of South Australia, Victoria, NSW and the ACT as the weather system bears down. The system moved through Western Australia yesterday delivering rare snow … Continue reading

July Snow in Western USA, Atlantic Ice whirlpools and the ‘Cold Blob’ Switches Oceans

October like temps are expected across the western USA along with SNOW over the next week well into July. Interesting how the warmest year ever has snow in July. A unique ice whirlpool visible from space off the coast of eastern Canada. The “Cold Blob” has switched oceans and become hot, well at least in the media. IF YOU ENJOY … Continue reading

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