Earth and Moon
Our Moon Lies INSIDE Earth’s Atmosphere as Revealed by Previously Unexamined Data

The atmosphere of Earth is far larger than previously thought, it even extends far beyond the moon, scientists revealed! via RT: The amazing discovery was made thanks to data that has been sitting unexamined for over 20 years. We now know that the atmosphere surrounding our planet stretches 630,000km (391,464 miles) away and is 50 times the diameter of Earth, … Continue reading

black planet Rahu sun eclipse nasa soho
Did NASA Satellite Capture Image of Mysterious Black Planet ‘Rahu’ Behind the Sun?

Whether this is the planet ‘Rahu’ or not there is definitely something there, exactly what it is remains a mystery for now! Lasco satellite has been known to show strange objects (possibly planets) in the past, only to be dismissed by NASA as camera glitches or the like. via ufosightingshotspot Could it be the black sun ‘Rahu’? According to ancient … Continue reading

This Giant Cube UFO Keeps Returning to Our Sun. Why?

No one knows what this ginormous cube UFO is doing out there, but it keeps coming back to its position in front of our Sun. No, we’re not sure it’s a Borg Cube, but that doesn’t mean its intentions are benign. The enormous cube-shaped UFO was spotted near our Sun on December 22 by myunhauzen74 of YouTube, a conspiracy theorist … Continue reading

Some Sungrazing Comets May Not Be Comets At All

Some comets like to play “chicken” with the sun We’ve been spoiled with comet science lately. The Rosetta spacecraft orbited Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko for about 18 months and sent back daily updates on how the comet is behaving and changing. That mission is now over, but luckily there is a long-running mission that looks at sungrazers, or comets that pass really … Continue reading

UFO Hunters: Alien Object Seen Near the Sun in NASA SOHO Footage

Alien enthusiasts once again blast NASA for what they view as an attempt by the space agency to cover up the proliferation of living space ships that are garnering their energy from the sun to multiply. Cameras on board the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) captured an image that alien enthusiasts believe is a gigantic four-armed UFO beaming around the … Continue reading