We May Only Have 30 Minutes Warning If a Solar Storm is Coming

“Imagine what would happen if every mobile phone stopped working, the Internet went down for weeks or even months” By T.K. Randall via unexplained-mysteries The space agency has stressed that there may be very little warning that a disruptive solar storm is about to hit the Earth. The last time a coronal mass ejection from the Sun hit the Earth … Continue reading

Solar Storm Could Cause ‘Internet Apocalypse’

We are so used to, and dependent on the internet now… imagine being without it for months! via Unexplained-Mysteries Image Credit: NASA/Steele Hill Scientists have warned that a devastating solar storm could disrupt the world’s Internet for months. The last time a coronal mass ejection from the Sun hit the Earth was in 1921, a time long before computers, mobile … Continue reading

Preparing for an Inevitable Solar Storm

Let’s consider the following scenario – the Earth is at risk for a disruptive event. This event has, conservatively, about a 0.2% chance of happening on any given year. But that is the most conservative estimate, at the high end it could be more like 12% over the next decade. Either way the chance of this type of event happening … Continue reading

Top 10 Ways The World Might End

With popular shows like The Last Man On Earth buzzing the media, it sometimes makes you think what life would be like if.. you were the last person on Earth. From a Virus like the FOX show scripted, to possible Earth-shattering asteroids, we’re going to count down our picks for the 10 possible Natural Apocalyptic Events. 10. Pole Shifts This … Continue reading

Sun Outages Southern Hemisphere: Your TV, Radio and Internet Might Drop Out in the Next Fortnight, Here’s Why

Day and night are 12 hours each around the globe today — except at the poles — as the Earth reaches equinox. But in the fortnight (a period of two weeks) after the autumnal equinox — and the fortnight (a period of two weeks) before the spring equinox — in the southern hemisphere, you may notice that your radio or … Continue reading

NASA Researching Link Between Solar Storms and Sea Animal Deaths

The last year was a gruesome one for marine life around the world. In nearly every continent, unexplained mass deaths of sea creatures occurred, littering the world’s beaches with stinking, half-rotted corpses. While a variety of causes and, of course, climate change have been cited, no official explanation has been put forward for this recent string of mysterious marine die-offs. … Continue reading

The Deadly Threat Of A Solar Superstorm

A powerful electromagnetic pulse could knock out the power grid and the internet. How serious is the threat? Here’s everything you need to know: What is an electromagnetic pulse? It’s a powerful burst of electromagnetic energy with enormous destructive potential. An EMP can arise from natural phenomena, such as lightning strikes, or from human activity, such as a nuclear explosion. … Continue reading

Planet X Signs — Update No. 4

Sourced From – Original Publication Date: Dec. 12, 2015 Since our last article on July 3, 2015, we continue to see increasing earth changes due to the advancing Planet X System flyby. Meanwhile, the U.S. mainstream media continues to downplay earth change events around the world. Fortunately for those in awareness there are independent sources available with superior coverage … Continue reading