Mysterious Planet Nine Might Have Tilted Our Whole Solar System – Major Potential Scientific Breakthrough!

Two recent studies have shown that the existence of a mysterious, hypothetical Planet Nine could explain why the planets in our Solar System don’t fully line up with the Sun. Researchers have been speculating about a ninth planet since January this year, and these latest studies add more weight to the hypothesis that, at some point in time at least, … Continue reading

At least two unknown planets could exist in our solar system beyond Pluto. / Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
More Evidence of NIBIRU’S Existence Discovered by Scientists

Scientists have found traces of a mysterious planet that’s lurking at the edges of our solar system, and many believe it could be the infamous Planet X, also known as Nibiru. Spanish scientists at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, have recently discovered not one, but two new giant celestial bodies hiding behind Pluto, right near the edge of our … Continue reading

Parallel Universes and the Déjà Vu phenomenon may be mysteriously connected

Most of us have had, at least once in our lifetime a ‘déjà vu’ experience, that mysterious feeling where time seems to pass by in slow-motion, where you perceive information in such a way as if you had already experienced the current situation sometime in the distant past. Ranging from paranormal disturbances and neurological disorders, researchers have been trying to … Continue reading

Doomsday Dave Report’s – Vol. 1

The planets in our solar system are changing and something has to be causing this, some say it is the effect of Planet X, what do you think? We value your opinion and would love to hear what your thoughts are so leave a comment. The link below is all about our planets changing. Politics Do you really want … Continue reading

Crazy conspiracy claims Earth will be destroyed before the end of THIS year (Vote Within)

CONSPIRACY theorists claim to have snapped the first images of a huge mystery PLANET that believe will pass so close to Earth this month that it will ‘destroy all life on Earth’. Online doom-mongers believe a planet four times the size of gas giant Jupiter, which they think killed off the dinosaurs, is on course for a close-Earth pass before … Continue reading

planet with ufo
NASA and Space Agencies around the world are preparing society for Alien Disclosure
Huge comets may pose ‘inevitable’ danger to Earth – astronomers

The recent discovery of hundreds of giant comets in our outer solar system has prompted astronomers to sound high alert. They says the space bodies move on unstable orbits and can flood inner solar system making impacts of comet debris with Earth “inevitable.” Researchers from Armagh Observatory and the University of Buckingham have warned on Tuesday that discovery of hundreds of giant … Continue reading

What is Planet X / Nibiru / Nemesis / Wormwood

By Compton N What is Planet X? The intent of this article is to provide a definition of, and the concepts and origins of, Planet X which is also referred to by some as Nibiru as well as similarly related Hercolubus, Wormwood and Tyche. We will also cover Nemesis, the proposed but yet unverified companion star to our own … Continue reading

Mars beckons as the wealthy prepare to flee Earth

Elon Musk is predicting a Mars colony – an escape from Earth – by 2040. That’s only 25 years away. The world sucks right now. Terrorism. Climate change. Political acrimony. Nonstop Justin Bieber songs. It’s nice to know Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have a plan. They will help the richest people in the world go to Mars and start … Continue reading

Saturn moon

On July 1, 2004, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft arrived at Saturn orbit seven years after launch from Earth in 1997. Over ten years after arriving at the majestic gas giant, Cassini has profoundly transformed our understanding of the planet’s dynamic atmosphere, rings and moons. Now the mission is entering the final stages of its prolific Saturnian odyssey and mission planners hope … Continue reading

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