Meteor Fireball over Arizona, Produces Sonic Boom Detected by Seismometer

Our all sky cameras at Kitt Peak National Observatory, Mount Lemmon Observatory, and the MMT Observatory captured footage of a brilliant fireball that occurred over southern Arizona at 8:32 PM Mountain Daylight Time on September 23rd (2017 September 24 03:27 UTC). The meteor originated 49 miles above the desert southwest of Tucson, Arizona. It travelled at about 29,300 miles per … Continue reading

Mysterious Sonic Booms Are Being Heard on the Moon

A sonic boom is heard when the shock waves created by an aircraft, a meteor or some other object traveling through the air at a speed faster than the speed of sound reach a human ear or some other listening device. A new study has found that there are sonic booms being generated on the Moon right now. Lots of … Continue reading

New Plane is Designed to Reach 24 Times the Speed of Sound

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just taken off from London on our flight to New Zealand. If you look out of the right side of the plane, you can see the Auckland Airport because we’re about to land. Thank you for flying Antipode Airlines. An antipode is a spot on the other side of the Earth that can be connected to … Continue reading

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Mystery ‘Sonic Boom’ Leaves Pennsylvania Residents Befuddled

Things are certainly booming in Hazleton — the question is, what caused the loud blast heard by many throughout the area? At approximately 12:15 a.m. Sunday many residents across the Hazleton area reported experiencing what sounded and felt like a “sonic boom” — rattling windows, and “echoing like an explosion,” according to concerned resident Tom Heller. “I’ve been hearing people … Continue reading

Monticello, New York Rocked By Loud Ground-Shaking Boom

Editor’s Note: This story is from a few days back but I felt it is still important in light of the reports of these seem to be increasing again lately. Portions of Sullivan County were rocked by noise that to some have compared to a sonic boom. It occurred shortly before midnight on Saturday. Numerous residents grabbed their phones to … Continue reading