Killer Black Fungus Disease Detected in South America

By John Varga via Express UK Both South American countries have reported one case each of the deadly fungal infection, which has the scientific name mucormycosis. The very rare infection is caused by exposure to mucor mould and normally affects people with severely compromised immune systems, such as diabetics and HIV/Aids sufferers. However, India has seen an explosion of cases … Continue reading

UFO landing site São Paulo Brazil (1)
UFO Landing Witnessed Near São Paulo Brazil

A team of researchers investigate the alleged landing of an Unidentified Flying Object in Peruíbe, near São Paulo in Brazil.. The event already occurred in the early hours of October 7, but was kept confidential as not to attract the attention of onlookers. An official statement has been released on Thursday, October 19, 2017. During the investigation local authorities decided … Continue reading

Massive Deep Magma Shift Causes South America Plate Movement, Triggers 700 Quakes and Eruption

EXPERTS fear millions of lives are at risk after a MASSIVE shift of molten magma deep under South America triggered a staggering 700 EARTHQUAKES and a volcano eruption. Seismologists and South American authorities fear the unprecedented movement of trillions of tons of molten rock – largely below Chile – has raised subterranean pressures to catastrophic levels and will eventually trigger … Continue reading

World’s First Probe into Suspected ‘Alien Base ON EARTH’ About to Launch

A MYSTERIOUS floating circular island could be the entrance to an alien base paranormal investigators have sensationally claimed. A team of mystery hunters have launched a bid to probe what the strange feature is after the moveable island was discovered on Google Earth. The shocking find was made during the shooting of a film in Argentina, South America, and it … Continue reading