Chinese Submarine Fleet-001
China Deploys Submarines in Disputed South China Sea for Battle Readiness Preparation

The People’s Liberation Army-Navy’s South Sea Fleet has deployed a squadron of submarines to the disputed waters of the South China Sea to increase battle readiness, the South China Morning Post reported Saturday. The marine rescue unit will expand the area in which the fleet can carry out missions, according to the Straits Times. “It is a sign the fleet … Continue reading

China Fumes Following Flight of US Supersonic Bombers Over Disputed South China Sea

Beijing spoke out after two US long-range supersonic bombers flew over the disputed South China Sea, saying it opposes the use of freedom of overflight as an excuse to harm its security. The leaders of the US and China are set to meet Friday. “China resolutely opposes individual countries using the banner of freedom of navigation and overflight to flaunt … Continue reading

China Warns ‘Unpermitted’ US Patrol to Leave Disputed Waters in South China Sea

The Chinese Navy has warned a US warship to leave, as it sailed within 12 nautical miles of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea “without permission.” Beijing says that the latest US move disrupts the peace process in the region. After the USS Dewey guided missile destroyer entered waters near the disputed land “without permission from the Chinese … Continue reading

Beijing Has Begun Installing Missile Systems on South China Sea Islands

Satellite images captured on Monday show Chinese military installments being placed on a crucial islet in the contested waterway. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has previously called China’s island building in the South China Sea “illegal.” The People’s Liberation Army of China has a naval base on Hainan Island, and since March, several missile launchers have been placed at … Continue reading

‘Military Clash’ Possible If US Blockades South China Sea Says Beijing

In response to Rex Tillerson’s rocky confirmation hearing, Chinese state media Global Times published an op-ed blasting the former ExxonMobil CEO for “unprofessional” comments that could lead to a “military clash.” Tillerson criticized previous American foreign policy that, he asserts, has allowed China “to keep pushing the envelope” on island-building in the disputed South China Sea. Like Filipino President Rodrigo … Continue reading

China Seizes American Underwater Drone in South China Sea

A Chinese navy warship seized an underwater drone deployed by an American oceanographic vessel in international waters. The mission of the survey ship, USS Bowditch, had been sampling and data collection of surface, midwater and ocean floor measurements. The Bowditch was sailing about 100 miles off the port at Subic Bay when the incident happened. The survey ship had stopped … Continue reading

US, China Prepare for Electronic Warfare Standoff in South China Sea

As tensions in the South China Sea region continue to rise, both the US and China appear ready and willing to engage in a contest of electronic warfare capabilities. During the last few years, China has apparently constructed a considerable number of radar installations on the South China Seas islands. These facilities, which could potentially be employed for a variety … Continue reading

U.S. Warships Surround Disputed Chinese Waters, Prepared For WW3

Territorial disputes are a delicate thing… and potentially deadly as well. That’s why the U.S. is backing up its positions with an ever-increasing presence of warships in the South China Sea. China is very touchy about these territories, and unwilling to give up what they perceive as their waters, even as a UN tribunal just denied their claims and strengthened … Continue reading