Massive Unknown Object Recorded Near the Sun by NASA Sun Monitoring Spacecraft

MrMBB333 reported this strange event on his YouTube channel. You can see some sort of object, massive in proportions, which leaves a massive trial. It is unclear if it was left by a craft of some sort or if it is some type of unusual cosmic event. Regardless it is massive! See the video below: February 17, 2018: SOHO Lasco … Continue reading

living space tentacle creature (1)
Pic Taken of Taken Of Milky Way Galaxy Reveals Mysterious Living Space Tentacle Creature

While I recognize that this may sound ‘out there’ (no pun intended) no one can say with any certainty what lives or doesn’t live in space. We just aren’t advanced enough to focus on all of space and to the possible type of life forms that could be in existence. via Ufosightingshotspot: A photographer who took some images of the … Continue reading

v-shaped object sky chile mysterious space objects (1)
Mysterious V-shaped Object in the Sky over Chile Leaves Astrophysicist Confused

Over 40 years Roberto Antezana a well known astrophysicist has seen thousands of sky phenomena observed in the mountains, deserts and observatories around the world and all could be explained as terrestrial. But on May 31, 2017 Roberto observed for the first time in his life a strange phenomenon in the sky which he could not explain. He observed a … Continue reading