Covid-19 Present in Spanish Sewage as Early as MARCH 2019, According to Study

Traces of the novel coronavirus have been discovered in Barcelona sewage water months before the first case of the dreaded disease was reported in China, claims a new study by a group of Spanish researchers. Scientists with the Enteric Virus Group at the University of Barcelona detected the presence of the virus in frozen samples of the city’s wastewater collected … Continue reading

UFO Fastwalker Spain_2019
UFO Fastwalker Recorded by Drone Camera over a Mountain in Rioja, Spain

Recordings of fastwalker UFOs have been on the rise it seems since the availability of drones has become mainstream, ‘fastwalkers are being inadvertently recorded on the drone cameras. Just recently a UFO fastwalker was recorded over Utah near Area 51, and now this one in Spain. The footage was captured by a drone owner in Rioja, Spain, we see the … Continue reading

Reverse ‘Pinocchio’ – Lie Detector Analyzes Changes in Your Proboscis

It turns out that Pinocchio was wrong – your nose doesn’t grow when you lie, it actually gets colder and shrinks. First depicted in the 19th-century novel by Italian writer Carlo Collodi and then later in the famous animated Disney movie, the character of Pinocchio has long been associated with the concept of telling lies because his nose would grow … Continue reading

Activists in Barcelona Go COMPLETELY Naked for Anti-Leather Protest

Humans are the only animals that knowingly inflict unimaginable suffering on fellow living, feeling beings, needlessly. Those that profit from the cruelties do their best to keep us from seeing the realities of our choices, so that we can continue to financially support the heinous ways by continuing to buy items made from the body parts of a once living … Continue reading

Ancient Symbols That No One Can Read Discovered On Mysterious Stone Slab in Spain

At 1.5m high and 85cm wide, the stela of Montoro is an imposing artefact. It is a stone slab covered in engravings thought to date from the Iron Age. The symbols themselves are all more or less recognisable as letters from extinct languages. But no one can read what the symbols say. Archaeologist Leonardo García Sanjuán of the University of … Continue reading

‘Earth Moved’ as Enormous Fireball Exploded over Spanish Sky [video]

Stunned observers feared explosion or earthquake as massive fireball “brighter than the moon” ripped through atmosphere at 72,000 kilometres and hour This is the moment a massive fireball described as “brighter than the moon” lit up a huge part of Spain, including the Costa del Sol. Many people thought there had been an explosion or an earthquake of a small … Continue reading

Flash Floods Kill One and Bring Chaos in Southern Spain; Worst Rainfall in nearly 30 Years

Severe flash flooding in southern Spain has has left one woman dead and forced authorities to issue a ”red alert”, the country’s highest public safety warning. Around 100 cubic metres of rain are estimated to have fallen within 28 hours. The 26-year old victim is said to have been in the basement of a nightclub during the deluge. A friend … Continue reading

Meteor Sightings – Separate Incidents from 4 Different Countries, Same Week

The meteor fireball scene sure seems to be picking up steam. Just a few days ago one actually impacted (crashed) offshore Australia shaking homes and terrifying residents and then a possible fireball over Scotland. IF those didn’t give you cause for pause, here are 4 completely separate fireball sightings from this same week (all the mentioned fireballs happened all in … Continue reading