Google Investigated in Australia for Allegedly Tracking Phone Users Location at Their Expense

It seems now that companies such as Google, Facebook and others carry out these types of shady activities until someone calls them out on it and if no one finds out they just keep on doing it. To add insult to injury, in this particular situation (if true), they are spying on the users and the users end up getting … Continue reading

Privacy Watchdog Says Microsoft Used Personal Data of Windows 10 Users Without Permission

Microsoft has come under fire from a Dutch privacy watchdog over claims the tech giant collected data from personal computers using its Windows 10 package. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) alleges that Microsoft has been using its marquee operating system to collect information on users’ web surfing behavior so as to target them with personalized ads and recommendations. The … Continue reading

US Homeland Security Announces Plan For Monitoring All Immigrants’ Social Media, Search Histories

From October, the US Department of Homeland Security will be able to monitor the social media activity and search histories of all immigrants – including permanent residents and naturalized citizens – and anyone they interact with. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced it is expanding the kinds of information it collects on immigrants to include social media … Continue reading

How Google is Secretly Recording You and Storing Collected Data

DID you know that Google has been recording you without your knowledge? The technology giant has effectively turned millions of its users’ smartphones into listening devices that can capture intimate conversations – even when they aren’t in the room. If you own an Android phone, it’s likely that you’ve used Google’s Assistant, which is similar to Apple’s Siri. Google says … Continue reading

WikiLeaks Reveals CIA Project Designed to take Control of Webcams and Microphones

Details of the CIA’s Dumbo project, a system that manipulates devices such as webcams and microphones on Microsoft Windows-operating systems, have been published by WikiLeaks. The program also corrupts video recordings, according to the leaked documents. The whistleblowing organization released the files as part of its Vault 7 series on the CIA’s hacking capabilities. According to Wikileaks, the technology is … Continue reading

WikiLeaks Releases Files on CIA Spying Geo-Location Malware for WiFi Devices

The WikiLeaks whistleblowing website published documents, showing how ELSA malware is allegedly used by US intelligence services to collect geolocation data from WiFi-enabled devices. The WikiLeaks whistleblowing website on Wednesday released a new batch of CIA documents from the so-called Vault 7 project, showing how ELSA malware is allegedly used by US intelligence services to collect geolocation data from WiFi-enabled … Continue reading

Devices Running Windows 10 Continue to ‘Collect Everything You Do, Say and Write’

European Union data protection authorities have expressed fresh concerns about the privacy of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, despite tweaks being made to the OS after questions were raised about its treatment of personal data last year. In a letter, the Article 29 Working Group said it still has “significant concerns” about how Microsoft collects and processes users’ personal data, … Continue reading

Spying Street Lights Equipped with Microphones, Wi-Fi Detectors and More Coming to a City Near You

Soon, spying street lights equipped with ShotSpotter microphones will be in every city and town, that’s because GE lighting and ShotSpotter (SST) are working together to spy on everyone. Last year, GE and SST announced they’re combining forces to put SST surveillance devices into street lights. A memorandum of understanding between GE Lighting and SST, Inc., developer of the ShotSpotter … Continue reading