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ET’s Creating Human Hybrids – Scientists Admit Humans Getting Alien DNA Upgrades

If aliens are our creators then of course they are still interacting and monitoring us. Astounding DNA evidence suggests there are extraterrestrial humans on earth today, they are inhabiting a human body. New data suggests humans are being altered and transformed on many levels by alien intervention. Evidence suggests extraterrestrial encounters are a global phenomenon and this is evident in … Continue reading

Star Children  Alien Hybrids
Star Children – the Alien Hybrids Race Among Us

There is a race of beings upon the planet, increasing in number, although visually and physically indistinguishable to most humans. They are here to guide the awaking of terrestrial consciousness. Many of them are star children born these days have memories intact from previous existence on board craft as extraterrestrials. They are kept on track by continuing their interaction with … Continue reading