Strange Glowing UFO Filmed Near Stonehenge

A couple driving near the Wiltshire monument last month spotted something unusual hovering over the area. The unidentified object, which resembled a bright, flat disc, was captured on camera by Tash Minto and her partner Tony Waterhouse who had been driving along the A303 near Mere on October 31st. “I would not have thought in my wildest dreams that I … Continue reading

Historian Discovers Hidden ‘Stonehenge’ in Ireland

A Neolithic henge that had lain hidden for centuries has been revealed in Ireland thanks to a recent drought. The discovery was made by historian Anthony Murphy who had been flying a drone over wheat fields in Newgrange, Ireland during an extended spell of particularly hot summer weather. The henge, which can be seen in the news report below, appears … Continue reading

Stonehenge Theory Suggests Massive Rocks Were in Place ‘Before Humans’

A new study claims that the largest rocks at megalithic monument were not moved by people. via: TheWeek UK Two of Stonehenge’s largest stones were in place there for millions of years before Neolithic people built the monument, according to the site’s former director of excavations. In a new paper published in the journal British Archaeology, Mike Pitts argues that … Continue reading

Mystical Stonehenge: Did Merlin Engage A Giant To Build It Or Was It The Devil?

Arguably the most recognizable pile of rocks in the northern hemisphere, Stonehenge has intrigued and enchanted mankind for centuries. It has inspired countless novels, replicas, research projects, and even a song or two. Archaeologists and laypeople alike have argued about its origins and its purpose for years, and they are not likely to come to any agreement any time soon. … Continue reading

Doug Yurchey’s Dream

by TS Caladan On July 3, 2011, only secret elites that ran the planet Earth through Swiss bank accounts knew that an astonishing discovery was now confirmed by the most ridged standards. The long sought ‘Ley Lines’ of ancient lore as well as modern electronic detection have finally been proven and mapped over the entire globe. Extremely fine detection of … Continue reading

Hieroglyphs Showing Egyptians With ‘Electrical Light bulbs’ Is It Proof Of Time Travel?

THIS hieroglyph is proof that the ancient Egyptians were given the power of electricity 4,000 years ago by time travellers, according to an astonishing claim. Conspiracists behind a growing theory that our ancient forefathers were guided by time-travelling aliens claim the large elongated objects in the image are enormous light bulbs that were used to light inside the pyramids and … Continue reading

Stonehenge: The Ancient Super Computer Used To Track Movement Of The Universe

New research suggests STONEHENGE is an ancient supercomputer used to track the movement of the sun, stars and the moon. The mysterious Wilshire-based monument’s purpose has been shrouded in mystery with theories ranging from a ancient ritual site to a war memorial built by King Arthur. However, a new study has claimed that the circular stone structure was actually used … Continue reading