missouri river sky phenomenon spheres beams of light (1)
Bright Spheres With Strange Beams of Light Emanating in the Clouds over Missouri

A hunter, his friend and another guy were making their way back to the boat ramp after a day of deer hunting along the Missouri River; the sun had set approximately 15 minutes earlier, when they noticed a strange group of lights above the clouds and beams of light reflecting off the river. Although the event only lasted seconds and … Continue reading

ghost under moon california
Strange Ghostly Light Formation Recorded By Stunned Onlookers

A strange light formation spotted over the Gulf of California on August 6, 2017 had some people baffled. Residents in Hermosillo, Mexico, Yasmin Duarte Valenzuela and her friends could not help but blurt out “it’s a ghost!” when they saw the bright light. Is the light formation a ghost or could it be a flare or an unknown military test? … Continue reading

ufo strange clouds sky phenomenon (1)
UFOs Recorded Exiting Cloud Formations Over Lake Havasu Arizona and Aylmer Quebec Canada

Are UFOs using clouds as cover from detection? Ufoshightingshotspot reports: The following two sightings show unknown objects coming out of strange cloud formations recorded over Lake Havasu, Arizona and Aylmer QC, Canada. Case 1: UFOs caught on video from plane near Havasu City, Arizona. Havasu City, Arizona – May 5, 2017: I fly weekly, so I’ve seen a lot in … Continue reading

aircraft arry of light sky phenomenon slovakia (1)
Mysterious Array of Light Appears in Front of An Aircraft Flying Over Slovakia

Something very strange is going on in the atmosphere of our planet. People all around the world witness and take images of strange sky phenomena. What to think about the strange array of light in the sky filmed by Martin Mikuaš from Slovakia on June 12, 2017 whereby an aircraft clearly follows the trajectory of the beam. Is this plane, … Continue reading