Strange Trumpet Sounds From Sky Over Garland, Texas

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ufo signal sound atmosphere (1)
Unusual Incoming LiveMeteors Radar Signal Detected, Did Large Object Enter Our Atmosphere?

This is very strange indeed. If a massive object did either enter or pass through our planets atmosphere, where is it now? (cloaked UFO mothership??) Just a brief explanation of the video that shows the signal so it can make sense for those that might not be familiar with what the radio signature of ‘regular’ or ‘normal’ incoming meteors/space objects … Continue reading

deep ocean sound the bloop
The Mysterious Deep Ocean ‘Bloop’, One of the Loudest Sounds Ever Recorded

In 1997, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded from deep in the ocean one of the loudest sounds ever detected. The mysterious ‘Bloop’ was heard at listening stations underwater over 5,000 km apart and no known animal could make it and no man-made source was ever found. But after an in-depth research NOAA and Oregon State University seismologist Robert … Continue reading

Strange Sounds Event From Sky Recorded in Sweden

What is that sound? At 03:50 the first sound – not the car alarm – =) and at 05:15 the sound is heard more clearly. My daughter Frida has recorded the movie. My voice is also heard in the background, she woke me up. I had never heard of anything like before. The birds silence under the sound and a … Continue reading

New Creepier Mystery Sound Joins the Plymouth Hum

Next to a cable news channel that you disagree with, the most annoying sound in the world just might by the mysterious Plymouth Hum – a bizarre, continuous buzz heard by many residents of Plymouth, Devon, England, as well as many tuned-in-and-equally-annoyed people around the world. While a source of the Plymouth version of the hum has allegedly been determined, … Continue reading