‘Weird’ Sounds from the Sky in Northeastern Netherlands

Recording of strange sounds heard (again) in the skies of Nieuw Bergen, Netherlands was uploaded on February 6, 2019, YouTube user ‘Danny’s Cafe’ *Please be advised this video contains expletives IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

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Loud Unexplained Sound Heard at Night Frightens People and Animals Chile

Apocalyptic fears were sparked among people in Chile as a strange trumpet-like noise was heard for two minutes, frightening animals and people. Dogs were barking in fear and the atmosphere was eerie, as the loud, unknown sound went on during the night. Under the video the uploader wrote verses of the Bible: Matthew 24:31 reads: “And he shall send his … Continue reading

Strange Trumpet Sounds Recorded Coming From the Sky in Osijek, Croatia

YouTube channel FCHollywoodFCB posted the recording of strange trumpet like sounds emanating from the skies over Osijek, Croatia on Friday April the 13th (nice coincidence to happen on the bad luck day). A viewer of the video noted in the comments that they also heard it in Germany, on the same day. FCHollywoodFCB YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE … Continue reading

Unexplained Eerie Sounds Recorded in the Skies over Bellbrook, Ohio

A Bellbrook, Ohio resident recorded and posted a strange sound seemingly coming from the skies over head and posted it on YouTube. via Dominik Walter – YouTube “I am pretty sure there is an atmospheric explanation for this strange phenomenon. I assume its construction site noise or the highway that gets distorted by different temperature layers in the air. Still … Continue reading

Strange Trumpet Sounds and Loud Booms Heard in the Skies over New Orleans

While there are those that ruin the legitimacy of these events by posting fake videos there is no doubt that there is something going on, but what, that is the real question which at present remains an unknown. Via Atun-Shei Films: Strange noises trumpets loud booms heard all around the world List of similar noises heard so far in 2018: … Continue reading

Mysterious Booms Crack Walls of Buildings in Thailand – Source Unknown

Two mysterious booms rattled 61 residents in Na Danu district, Thailand at 12.10 pm on February 8. The mystery deflagrations were so powerful, they produced cracks in the walls, windows and doors of buildings, terrifying people working inside. All reports state the crack appeared just when the noise occurred. A resident explains that he and his collegues were going out … Continue reading

Strange Grinding Sounds Heard in Sky over Georgia

Could these sound be coming from the Earth itself, from space, or could it be something created either by man or ETs? via Revs Life: Strange sounds like grinding metal coming from Forsyth County GA. Strange grinding and moaning sounds can be heard Revs Life YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the … Continue reading

Trumpeting Noises Recorded in Saskatchewan, Canada

Birds hit the back of the house and heard STRANGE sounds in the sky. Who else heard it??? EEEE LOLJK be aware video contains some foul language I live just a block from train tracks, and was thinking it’s just a train trying to stop but just before I ran to the door it played what sounded like music, a … Continue reading

Strange Sounds from the Sky over England

Strange sounds coming from the sky in England. Any ideas? Rickrocklane YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

Strange Sounds In Sky over Switzerland

Zuerst dachte ich das diese Sky Sounds nur Fake wären. Doch jetzt habe ich es auch gehört. Es gibt sie wirklich. Ein Par Tage zuvor gab es Zwei sehr sehr laute wie Explosionen am Himmel. Tausende haben es gehört. Es waren keine Überschallflugzeuge zu sehen oder zu hören. Das Video habe ich mit einem Samsung Tablet aufgenommen, und unbearbeitet im … Continue reading

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