If You’re Close to the Scene of a Crime, Police Can Demand Google Hand over Your Data

Aaron Kesel The Mind Unleashed Google reverse location search warrants have privacy and civil liberties advocates concerned. The Gainesville Police Department suspected an innocent man was involved in a burglary so naturally they requested that Google give them all of his location data. Google’s legal investigations support team wrote to Zachary McCoy telling him that local police were demanding information … Continue reading

US ‘Deep State’ Explained by NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, who has lived in Russia since 2013 after exposing the US state surveillance program, has taken part in an interview marathon with Joe Rogan. The whistleblower spoke about his life in Moscow and noted that there is currently a bias in the US media toward the country of his self-imposed exile. Former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward … Continue reading

Pentagon Testing New Mass Surveillance Balloons

According to FCC documents, the US military has been experimenting with a new type of mass surveillance. Offering the option of a cheap monitoring platform that can follow cars, boats and other vehicles over a wide area, high-altitude balloons are currently being taken very seriously by the Pentagon. Recent trials have seen at least 25 of these solar-powered balloons released … Continue reading

Snowden Says Facebook is a ‘Surveillance Company’, Collects and Sells User Data

Incredible (and quite infuriating) when a corporation is big how they can get away with almost anything. Imagine for a moment the type of punishment that would be exacted on for example let’s say two people who did this type of thing from their home or a small time operation, just imagine it…jail, fines, jail AND fines. Via RT: NSA … Continue reading

More than Workplace Surveillance, Big Brother Can Track Your Every Move

How can an employer make sure its remote workers aren’t slacking off? In the case of talent management company Crossover, the answer is to take photos of them every 10 minutes through their webcam. The pictures are taken by Crossover’s productivity tool, WorkSmart, and combine with screenshots of their workstations along with other data – including app use and keystrokes … Continue reading

Researchers Build System to Detect Cell Phone Hacking

Security researchers at the University of Washington (UW) have developed a new system called SeaGlass to detect anomalies in the cellular landscape that can indicate where and when cell phone surveillance devices are being used. Described in a paper published in the June 2017 issue of Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, the system was deployed during a two-month period with … Continue reading

AT&T Helping Feds Spy On The Masses

By Michael Maharrey Communications company AT&T spies on you at the behest of the federal government and rakes in millions of taxpayer dollars in the process. Through the program known as Project Hemisphere, AT&T searches trillions of call records for the DEA and other law enforcement agencies. The company collects data from every call that flows through its switches – … Continue reading

Documents Reveal Widespread Abuse Of Social Media Spying Tools By California Cops

The release of thousands of pages of documents has revealed that California law enforcement have secretly acquired social media monitoring tools that focus on activists. The American Civil Liberties Union of California has obtained thousands of pages of documents pertaining to California law enforcement agencies secretly purchasing social media surveillance software. The ACLU of California filed open records requests with … Continue reading

Google Collects Every Website You’ve Visited & Everything You’ve Searched…And You Can See It All For Yourself

Google collects every website you’ve been on, everything you’ve searched and many of the things you’ve done with your phone. Google has launched a new site that shows absolutely everything it knows about its users. And there’s an awful lot of it. The new My Activity page collects all of the data that Google has generated by watching its customers … Continue reading