US and Russia Came Uncomfortably Close to Fighting a Nuclear War over Syria in 1973

On the night of October 24, 1973, came the dreaded words: Assume Defcon 3. On bases and ships around the world, U.S. forces went to Defense Condition 3. As paratroopers prepared to deploy, B-52 nuclear bombers on Guam returned to bases in the United States in preparation for launch. On another October day eleven years before, the United States had … Continue reading

Trump Says Russia Supporting “Very Bad Man” Assad and Blames Putin for Situation in Syria

US President Donald Trump blamed the current situation in Syria on Moscow’s support for country’s President Bashar Assad, calling the Syrian leader “an animal,” in an exclusive interview with Fox Business on Wednesday. “If Russia didn’t go in and back this animal [Assad], you wouldn’t have a problem right now,” Trump said. He stressed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was … Continue reading

Russia Warns It Will SHOOT DOWN American Jets As Tensions Continue To Escalate

RUSSIA has warned it will shoot down US warplanes flying over Syria as tensions between Vladimir Putin and the West rapidly approach boiling point. Moscow military bosses said they have set up sophisticated anti-aircraft missile systems in the war-torn country that may be a “surprise” to unidentified planes and helicopters. Ruthless Putin ordered the deployment of the high-tech S-300 and … Continue reading

WW3 Powderkeg Ready To Explode As China Joins Russian Alliance With Assad

As the Chinese military moves into war-torn Syria, every major world superpower is now officially mobilized in the war that has on various occasions been called the powderkeg for World War 3. To be sure, all required players are now officially involved. According to state-run Chinese news outlet Xinhua, the Chinese military — citing remarks made by a high-ranking military … Continue reading

Russian FM on RT
Russian FM Spokeswoman on RT: ‘We Did Not Bomb Children’s Hospital in Syria – This is Western Propaganda’

The host of RT’s InTheNow show asked the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman some tough questions during a 26-minute interview. Anissa Naouai wanted to know if Russian media are following a narrative from the Kremlin to counter BBC and CNN propaganda, and what is the difference between Russia supporting the Syrian opposition to the US doing the same. “Things right now … Continue reading

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Russia Warns Turkey And The US Not To Enter Into Syria Uninvited

West’s proxy terrorists are slowly becoming eradicated. Disguised as the sudden interest for the Syrian crisis, the US is sending forces to support their allies. While it is obvious the US and its allies are responding directly to the collapse of their proxy forces across the country, their most recent threats to further escalate the conflict in Syria are tenuously … Continue reading