CIA Declassified Docs Reveal Black Budget “Project Star Gate” To Study “Supernatural” Abilities

The CIA has published online nearly 13 million pages of declassified records, including papers on the US role in overthrowing foreign governments, but some of the most mind blowing information is in reference to the secret ‘Star Gate’ telepathy project. The details of CIA’s “Project Star Gate” are riveting, and expose uncharted waters to be researched as far as there … Continue reading

Secret Document May Reveal Humans With Super Mental Powers

Do you believe there are humans among us with superhuman powers? Would you believe the Chinese government has conducted extensive research on such humans? Are you surprised the Central Intelligence Agency of the U.S. has been aware of this and kept secret files on the results? Would you be interested in finding out what’s in them? Do you know anyone … Continue reading

7 things ridiculed by conventional science – but which are said to be true

Conventional science denied existence of certain things despite the facts which prove their existence. However, having said that, here are 7 things ridiculed by conventional science but which are said to be true. Junk DNA According to one study it has been found that we use around 8% of our DNA (previously it was thought to be 3-5%). Thus, science … Continue reading