Ancient Alien Technology Could Be Hidden in Our Solar System, Astronomer Claims

For decades, radio telescopes have scanned the skies, hoping for a signal from intelligent aliens in another solar system. But could signs of extraterrestrial life be lurking a little closer to home? One astronomer believes we should be looking harder for signs of ancient, extinct civilisations in our own solar systems – buried ‘technosignatures’ of aliens from millions of years … Continue reading

Elite are Preparing for Nibiru Apocalypse NEXT YEAR but the Rest of us are DOOMED Claims Survival Firm’s Boss

WORLD leaders are planning to hide out in bunkers next year to escape the doom a gigantic planet will cause as it passes the Earth, according to a conspiracy theory. A secret plan to carve out huge underground complexes connected by high-speed trains for the ruling classes is already underway, a survival firm boss conspiracy theory supporter has claimed. One … Continue reading