Фото: © REUTERS/Daniel Becerril
Walmart Has Applied For Patent to Track How You Use Products at Home

An invisible eye may soon be tracking how much milk you’re drinking in your own home. Walmart, the world’s largest bricks-and-mortar retailer, is developing technology and has applied for a patent that will allow it to track the way products are used once consumers take them home. If implemented, use of the technology would be two-pronged. It will automatically re-order … Continue reading

Everything You Type is Tracked by Windows 10 — Here’s How to Stop it

According to a startling new report, if you use Windows 10, every, single keystroke you’ve ever entered on your computer has been logged. If that weren’t alarming enough to the privacy-minded among us, all of that information is being sent directly to Microsoft. All of which begs the question, is this why Microsoft was so insistent its users download Windows … Continue reading