Former Navy Pilot Shares Airline Pilot’s UFO Testimony on Twitter

The former Navy pilot and UFO witness has started to publish the testimonies of other pilots who have had UFO encounters. Graves, who is certainly no stranger to UFOs having witnessed a mysterious object with no visible means of propulsion around 10 years ago during his time with the US Navy, has now started to publish the testimonies of other … Continue reading

Does Trump’s Blocking of Users on Twitter Violate First Amendment? Judge Will Decide

Donald Trump’s tweeting impacts news, policy and diplomacy, but is it a “state action” or a personal one? A federal judge is to rule on whether the president violates the First Amendment rights of those he blocks. U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald in Manhattan, New York, heard arguments on Thursday as part of a lawsuit brought by the Knight … Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Something That May End Trump’s ‘Twitter Storms’, Fidget Spinners!

Tired of US President Donald Trump’s provocative tweeting? Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has a novel solution: fidget spinners to keep the presidential fingers busy. While the popular ball-bearing-based toys are reportedly able to alleviate anxiety and stress in people with neurological disorders like autism and ADHD, Kimmel seemed mostly concerned with their ability to keep Trump distracted by … Continue reading

People pose with mobile devices in front of projection of Facebook logo in this picture illustration taken in Zenica
Addicted to Social Media? Six Questions To Find Out

“Our devotion to technology and social media has changed how we interact with others, and that’s not necessarily a good thing,” said James Roberts, Ph.D., The Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing in Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business. “Yes, there are advantages to technology. But our obsession with smartphones and the lives we live via our social media channels … Continue reading

Elon Musk Has Not Ruled Out UFO in SpaceX Explosion

It’s been nearly two weeks since a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded during a prelaunch test on September 1st and no plausible explanation for it has been determined. Soon after the explosion, videos of the event were examined and an unidentified flying object was seen near it, prompting speculation that the explosion could have been caused by an outside force. … Continue reading