Did Chris Mellon Just Confirm U.S. UFO (UAP) Crash Retrievals?

UFO historian Michael Schratt joins Richard during the second half of this special episode, which was sparked by a powerful statement from Christopher Mellon on April 22. On his substack page, Mellon shared a redacted and annotated screenshot of an exchange he had on Signal with a senior government official from around 2020. This official discussed access to a U.S. … Continue reading

‘It Only Takes One to Be Real and it Changes Humanity For Ever’: What If We’ve Been Lied to About UFOs?

“While it is easy to focus on the extraordinary nature of the subject or the credibility of those witnessing UAPs, the prospect of alien spacecraft raises serious issues that go beyond whether we’re alone in the universe.” Stuart Clark The Guardian If you thought that we were about to finally get the truth about UFOs, think again. At the end … Continue reading

House Members to Attend Classified Briefing on the Subject of UFOs

“The subject of UFOs had been a major point of debate (and contention) last year when the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Disclosure Act of 2023…” by T.K. Randall via Unexplained-Mysteries Members of the House Oversight Committee will receive classified information concerning the phenomenon. According to reports, the briefing, which will take place next Tuesday at the Office of House Security, … Continue reading

Crashed UFO with ‘Living’ ‘Android’ Beings Inside

I recently watched intelligence officer David Grusch’s nearly 3-hour UFO discussion with Joe Rogan. In this video, I go through all my notes, analyzing Grusch’s revelations about the secret crash retrieval programs, the double-digit recovered craft, and the government harassment he says he endured when he tried exposing this shocking coverup. If you want an in-depth breakdown of this landmark … Continue reading

‘Aliens,’ or a Foreign Power? Pentagon UFO Chief Says Someone is in Our Backyard

At first, the craft proved elusive. But when aviators eventually observed them visually, including during a harrowing near-midair collision, the objects appeared to be translucent and spherical, matching World War II-era descriptions of encounters with “transparent spheres.” Marik von Rennenkampff The Hill The director of the U.S. government’s UFO analysis office stated that there is “evidence” of concerning unidentified flying … Continue reading

Aliens UFOs and UAPs: Inside the Military Zone

For years, the US government denied investigating UFOs but an ultra-secret Pentagon program was revealed and now we have insight into elite secret programs to study alien threats, and how an alien presence on Earth could have potential ramifications for society. Extreme Mysteries YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave … Continue reading

5 Concealed Navy UFO Encounters | The Richard Dolan Show

Join Richard Dolan as he delves into five previously unknown and unexplained events that occurred in the open seas involving the U.S. Navy. From the strange triangular formation of bogies that disappeared from radar, to the luminescent undersea object witnessed by the crew of the USS Monrovia in the aftermath of the USS Scorpion sinking, these accounts will leave you … Continue reading

Mexico Holds First Public Congressional Hearing on UFOs and ‘Non-Human Being’ Remains

The remains of alleged “non-human” beings were presented on Tuesday (September 12) at Mexico’s first public congressional hearing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs), also known as UFOs. The two stuffed bodies recovered 2017 in Peru were 700 and 1,800 years old, with only three fingers on each hand and elongated heads. The hearing aimed to rule on the phenomenon in … Continue reading

The US HAS UFO Video Evidence

Is the US government hiding more UFO evidence than it’s publicly admitting? This video examines 3 historical cases where military officers have claimed more data and video evidence exists than has been revealed. First, the 1952 Tremonton, UT UFO incident, where Navy Chief Photographer Delbert Newhouse filmed strange objects maneuvering in the sky. The US Air Force analyzed the footage … Continue reading

Aliens in the Aeron Valley

A peculiar red-orange molten fire UFO was seen over the Welsh countryside, seemingly following the Aeron River Valley. Witnessed by Helena Worth, this UFO incident inaugurated a series of further strange sightings of inexplicable orb UAPs – and even the appearance of alien light beings inside her home. Many years later, she believes that what she has seen are extraterrestrials, … Continue reading

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