General John A. Samford’s 1952 Controversial UFO “Disclosure”

Most people know the Air Force’s Major General John A. Samford from his historic July 29, 1952 press conference given after the Washington, D.C. radar incidents, where he talked about the small but troubling percentage of UFO reports “from credible observers of relatively incredible things.” Captain Edward Ruppelt in the notes made in preparation for his 1956 book, The Report on … Continue reading

UK’s Declassified ‘X-Files’ May Prove Military UFO Coverup

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) recently declassified a set of documents related to encounters with UFOs. The fifteen documents were published by Britain’s National Archives – but in paper form only. For some odd reason, the files are not being digitized and instead must be viewed in person or purchased directly from the National Archives. Many in the Ufology … Continue reading

UFOs and Aliens Documented in Declassified U.S. Forest Service Reports

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by John Greenewald at The Black Vault has turned up a number of declassified U.S. Forest Service reports and communications which show that even the Department of Agriculture has documented reports of UFO sightings and alleged alien bases on Earth. One of the documents details an account given by an individual who called … Continue reading

Chile UFO Footage Declassified by Chilean Navy After 2 Year Investigation (VIDEO)

The report from an alleged UFO sighting by the Chilean military over two years ago has just been declassified and the internet is abuzz with speculation – this is one mystery that has experts completely stumped. The Chilean government agency which investigates UFOs, the CEFAA, reports that a naval helicopter was carrying out a routine daylight coastal patrol in November … Continue reading