orb object ocean (1)
Strange Orb Vanishes over the Pacific the Moment Another Unknown Incoming Object Hits the Water

An unknown large bright orb was recorded hovering over the Pacific Ocean near Newport, Oregon on October 3, 2017.The object not seeming to move for nearly 4 minutes before it just disappeared. As MrMBB333 talks only about the bright orb he probably missed a second object with a smoke trail that looks like a missile or meteorite coming in from … Continue reading

ball lightning ball of fire sky phenomenon
Unidentified Ball of Fire Lights Up Sky Over Bergamo Italy

On July 14, 2017 around 1.30AM during severe storms Patrizia Lapatty saw something strange in the sky over Bergamo in Italy on which she began to film the strange phenomenon. Wondering what the phenomenon could have been she decided to send the footage to EUStormMap asking for an explanation on which they gave the following statement: “For us this is … Continue reading