The Cosmic Machine hidden deep within Mount Shasta

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – January 2017 Guy Warren Ballard was a mining engineer. In 1930, he went on a business trip to Mount Shasta in northern California. Ballard had become interested in mysticism before his trip and he wanted to use his off-duty hours at Mount Shasta to unravel rumors about the existence of a secret branch … Continue reading

Alien Abduction1
Alien Abduction Or Mind-Manipulation?

What if one of Ufology’s most cherished cases turned out to be something very different? Something far more down to earth, but of a distinctly conspiratorial nature. Yep, I can see the daggers being drawn already. Too bad for the belief-driven. There’s nothing worse than a mind made up. And there’s nothing better than shaking things up and addressing alternative … Continue reading

UFO Sightings – Too Much Hollywood, Too Little Authenticity

Written by Stargazer – BENDEDREALITY.COM VIEW OTHER ARTICLES BY THIS WRITER Ever since I was kid I was fascinated by UFOs and and the possibility of aliens existing. I would constantly seek out and read books on the UFO phenomenon and as a natural extension I was also fascinated by movies covering the subject. I might be dating myself here … Continue reading