Cia realease ufo info
Thousands of TOP-Secret UFO Files Released by CIA

The Central Intelligence agency has recently released thousands of highly classified UFO documents to the public, and UFO hunters and Ufologists are going crazy as they list through the never-before-seen materials which could drastically change how we look at the UFO phenomenon. According to the CIA’s library: This collection catalogs CIA information on this subject from the 1940s through the … Continue reading

Incredible Images Taken in 1958 Show Mind Boggling UFO over Mexico

According to a set of images released in Mexico, one of the best recorded UFO sightings took place in Colima, Mexico, in 1958. Reports state that Javier Torres and Alejandro Dueñas took the images while driving from Colima to Guadalajara. The mysterious disc-shaped object flew above them as they were taking pictures of the surrounding landscape. The four-image sequence is … Continue reading