Psychoactive Drugs and Bizarre Journeys to Alternate Dimensions

Since time unremembered cultures around the world have strived to reach some other plane of existence, to transcend reality as they know it and travel to other mystical or spiritual realms, to push into realms unknown. One of the ways various peoples have attempted to force their way through the veil that separates our reality from others is the use … Continue reading

Mystery Noises Heard in the Sewers Below Derby, England

Despite being a fact of daily life and lying just below our feet in cities all around the world, sewer systems are places in which most of us never step foot (lucky for our shoes). For this reason, sewer systems remain places of mystery and folklore. Throughout most technologically developed cultures, urban sewer legends and myths of strange subterranean sewer … Continue reading

Strange Cases of People Who Rose from the Dead

It is said that death is the final frontier, the last barrier through which we all must pass with absolute finality, never to emerge again into the world of the living. It is considered to be a fact that when we die, it is forever, that there is no coming back, at least not into reality as we know it. … Continue reading

5 Strange Unexplained Phenomena

There are many strange phenomena in our world, here are 5 random ones. We may explore these in more detail sometime. But for now here are the 5: No. 5 Earthquake Lights: Seen before the onset of an earthquake, and sometimes even after, these white and blue lights are localized to places with intense tectonic disturbances. Their lifetime can vary … Continue reading