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Passenger on Flight with DB Cooper Finally Shares His Story

If you’re unfamiliar with who DB Cooper is, take a look here: FBI Gives Up on DB Cooper Hijacking Mystery via unexplained-mysteries: A passenger who sat near Cooper during his infamous plane heist has spoken out about his experience. The hijacking occurred in 1971 when a mysterious man, who at the time went by the name Dan Cooper, boarded Northwest … Continue reading

Strange New Details in the Bizarre Case of Missing Brazilian Student

A young Brazilian man named Bruno Borges made headlines last month when he mysteriously vanished from his room without a trace. While missing persons cases happen every day (particularly in Brazil), the strange clues left behind by Borges left police and family baffled. Shortly after Borges went missing, his parents discovered that his room was covered floor-to-ceiling in strange, cryptic … Continue reading

Quantum Theory Attempts to Explain Why Jokes are Funny

Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 789! Whether this pun makes you giggle or groan in pain, your reaction is a consequence of the ambiguity of the joke. Thus far, models have not been able to fully account for the complexity of humor or exactly why we find puns and jokes funny, but a research article recently published in … Continue reading

Strange Cases of People Who Rose from the Dead

It is said that death is the final frontier, the last barrier through which we all must pass with absolute finality, never to emerge again into the world of the living. It is considered to be a fact that when we die, it is forever, that there is no coming back, at least not into reality as we know it. … Continue reading