Planet X, Nibiru, The Invasion Of Our Solar System, And The Destruction Of The Earth

Planet X Nibiru Update: Conspiracy theorists have long feared that the Earth will be destroyed by a collision with the mysterious Planet X in the early 21st century, and recent scientific theories on the subject have done nothing to ease their fears. The giant ice planet that scientists think gave the solar system its tilt is theorized to orbit the … Continue reading

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Nibiru Update – Here is the Real Deal About Nibiru / Planet X – Hercolubus!!! Must see video!!

Throw away all the BS videos showing nothing but lens flares as second suns and other disinformation stuff. This seems to be a credible video showing the binary star of the sun as well as an incoming object! This incoming object could be Hercolubus: the “Comet Planet” as described by Carlos Munoz Ferrada the astronomer. Or it could be something … Continue reading