Terral’s Project Black Star Update Report 2019 – Newsletter 03

Seismic event indicators say Earth has now entered the second and final earth-change lull period for the 2018 Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star positioned in the Libra Constellation relative to the Sun.

Year-over-year weekly seismic-event values for Week 47 show one of the 7+ magnitude earthquake events for the last five years (2016), when this was the fifth big-quake event (7.6 Chile: USGS) in the seven-event series. One important fact to realize is that the two big quakes at the Earth-Sun-Black Star backside alignment (B) for 2017 struck in Weeks 40 and 41 for the first big quake from the following five-event series to strike in Week 48. Week 47 weekly-event values demonstrate minimum threshold levels (20 for 5’s, 200 for 2.5-to-4’s) typically seen when Earth is nearing outside-orbital position. We should expect these values to bounce up-down moving through the remainder of January, until finding minimum values in Week 52-53 ending the 2018 orbit cycle. For the record, Quake 6 of the seven-quake series is running late, which means Earth is no longer following the 2016 seismic pattern. For comparison, the 6th big quake in the seven-event series for 2017 struck in Week 53 (7.2 Mexico: USGS), so the 6th event in the current series might take a while to strike, before the final big quake strikes in New Guinea.

Week-over-week seismic-event values have remains steady for the last three weeks where the total-event value is hovering around 300 indicating to me that the deep-magma-plume-wave action pinball effect has been going on since the 7.0 Philippines Quake (USGS) struck on December 29, 2018.

Earth has passed behind the Sun relative to the Black Star to see two big quakes since 2015, which came to pass for 2018 with the 7.0 Alaska Quake and 7.5 New Caledonia Quakes in Weeks 41 and 42. Deep quake events in the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone, Corridor 1, and 2 produce deep-magma-plume-wave action sending energy to the Corridor Terminal End Positions, until the energy reverberates back to the Origination Zone part of a continuous cycle representing the period we are moving through right now. Some might believe the recent 6.6 Vanuatu Quake (USGS) from January 15, 2019 represents my projected 6th Quake Event, but this quake’s fingerprints do not match my suspect. We know that the final big-quake event in the seven-quake series for 2016 and 2017 struck in New Guinea in almost the same location, which represents the center of the Global Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone near Vanuatu. My suspicion is that the 6th Quake Event will strike near a Corridor Terminal End Position (like 7.1 Sandwich Islands), or along a Magma Plume Elbow Position like we saw with the big Russia Quake. We simply allow the seismic pattern to play out and use hindsight for running comparative analysis against the 2015-2017 data for gathering an understanding of how the Deep Magma Plume Formation, now growing out of control, is changing the Global Tectonic-Volcanic Dynamic to perhaps help us build superior predictive models moving forward.

Earth saw three deep earthquake events on the Fiji-side of the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone (lower left) where you will notice a high number of earthquake tremors striking at the 10-kilometer depth throughout the region. Look above along Corridor 1 to find the 4.5 Japan Quake (USGS) and the 4.3 Japan Quake (USGS) striking within Earth mantle transition zone (Wiki) and the Deep Magma Plume Formation about 2.5 days apart. This 4.5 Japan Quake and the 4.5 Russia Quake (USGS) struck along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor 1 about two hours apart making me wonder about a common seismic trigger that might be electromagnetic and tied directly to celestial harmonics and what is coming from space. The 4.6 Maryland Quake (USGS) is evidence of the shifting Global Tectonic-Volcanic Dynamic.

We are looking at a strange seismic pattern explained by what is happening under our feet inside the Deep Magma Plume Formation itself. The fact that Cascadia, the Mexico West Coast and the South Pacific are showing no signs of seismic activity means the deep-magma-plume-wave action has returned to the Origination Zone where you see the pattern of earthquake tremors at the 10-kilometer depth from intense-deep-magma pressures unable to leave the region. If deep-magma-plume-wave action is returning to the Origination Zone, then the high-magma pressures are met by the energy produced by the three deep quake events under Fiji to trigger magma upwelling events within the Origination Zone itself. Eventually the liquefaction and magma-displacement events escalate to catastrophic scenarios for which those living in the region are wise to prepare.

Deep quake activity in Indonesia-Fiji and along Corridor 1 is insufficient for sending Deep-Magma-Wave Action through Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor 3 (top arrow in opposite direction) causing the Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor Terminal-End position to shift east through Gibraltar into the Greece region typical of moving through the earth-change lull periods. Seismic activity Corridor 4 (bottom arrow) is trying to diminish where the quake-events depths are at the 10-kilometer depth indicating deep-magma-plume triggers. We have been watching the quake-swarm activity along Corridor 3 shift back and forth from Gibraltar through Italy and Greece and through the Middle East to Nepal, as deep quake activity increases and decreases helping us identify the Corridor terminal-end position moving east-west through along the corridor. The significant-notable quake on this side of the planet struck in Italy (4.5 @ 10-kilometers) on January 14, 2019, just north of where the Corridor 3 terminal end position is projected to be currently positioned near Greece.

The USBS and the Smithsonian (link) did not provide their weekly update report due to the Govt shutdown. Get the latest seismic-volcanic-eruption events here and here.


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