The Consortium of Control And Ascension of Densities (Realms)

By staff writer Patrick C.

“He who learns must suffer
And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget
Falls drop by drop upon the heart,
And in our own despair, against our will,
Comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.”

– Agamemnon, Aeschylus

Information provided here reveals insight about the upcoming “wave” or transition to 4th density existence, the completion of the Grand Cycle (occurs every 300,000 years).

For the time being, put aside any preconceived notions about the nature of “reality” and assume the following to be true…

Dimensions (or alternate realities) are lateral and infinite in number. Densities (or states of awareness) are vertical and there are only 7.

1st Density includes all physical matter below the levels of consciousness (rocks and minerals)

2nd Density flora, fauna, animal kingdom.

3rd Density humans.

4th Density is the first to include variable physicality (ponder this carefully as this realm includes both Service to Self or STS and Service to Other or STO entities).

5th Density death/recycle (the light one sees at the termination of each conscious physical manifestation emanates from 7th Density).

6th Density is uniform in the level pattern of lightness, as there is complete balance, and the lightness is represented as knowledge.

7th Density – union with the one .. Timeless in every sense of the word, as its “essence” radiates through all that exists in all possible awareness realms.

1st through 3rd density are physical in nature while 4th and beyond are variable physicality.

Another concept that will be discussed is Service to Self (STS) and Service to Others (STO). STS entities are limited to Densities 1 through 4 at an individual level, with 4th density being the highest available achievement. STS also exists in 6th density but only in “thought form”, a compacted state without individual awareness. STO’s on the other hand can ascend unfettered through all 6 densities before final unification with the 7th.

You will read mention of the “Consortium”, which is the apex of control for planet Earth. Members of the Consortium are made up of both terrestrial and non-terrestrial beings, both STO and STS, it is a blend of both.

Some want to dominance and control over humanity, the others free will and the opportunity for individual spiritual advancement. The multitude of secrete organizations like the Illuminati, the Masons, the Rosicrucian’s, the Templar’s, along with Nation Governments all fall under the powers of the Consortium.

“Political problems have root in effort to suppress knowledge already gained in limited quarters for purposes of control of civilization” – Cassiopeian’s

There is also mention of the upcoming “Wave”, or transition for some to 4th density (variable physicality), as the major Cycle comes to an end. Those who are not so lucky will start over again, re-incarnated in the stone ages, memory wiped, under a red sky.


The key to ascending densities, and escaping the limitations of physicality, is in the acceptance of reality. Deniers of reality are doomed to repeat incarnations, as the lessons get tougher and tougher.

Below is the edited transcript from Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s communications with the beings of Cassiopeia (ourselves in the future) May 27, 1995

“Q” signifies a question from one of the members of the group.
“A” signifies an answer from Cassiopeia.

Q: Who do we have with us?

A: Rouswo.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Cassiopaea.

A: Reason for exponential awareness “explosion” is approach of wave. Now, concentrate on visualization, answers are located there…

Q: (T) Starting with the fourth density, we are no longer confined to the physical. The key phrase is “variability of physicality.” Once you move from 3rd density to 4th density, and we are all moving upward toward seventh density. When you raise your knowledge, your awareness, to a certain level, you can move to the next level. When we move from third to fourth density, at that point, we have the ability to visualize and decide what our reality is. We create reality from fourth level on. So, at one point, there may not be a solid reality. It may all be energy, we would be light beings, so to speak. We could change that just by thinking about it and making a solid reality. Or, as solid as we wish. This point also, from fourth density up, there is no such thing as time as we perceive it. Our perception of time only exists in the first three densities. Each density perceives it differently.

(RS) What we perceive as back and forth in time, when we go to the fourth level, it doesn’t exist anymore. Beings on that level can move back and forth through our density of time because, for them, it doesn’t exist. It is all now. It is only one time.

(L) It is like a whole bunch of different doors, one says 1917, one says 1943, or whatever, and they can walk through whichever one they wish…

(T) There is the Realm Border. The Earth is moving into a 4th density area of space. Or it is moving toward us, or both. This Realm Border, this crossover between densities, and it’s also a crossover between dimensions – a quick sidebar on dimensions: dimensions, according to the Cassiopaeans are lateral realities; all possible realities of a density level, an infinite number; there is a difference between density and dimension.

(RS) This is a fascinating meeting because the answers to the question about moving mathematically from the third level to the fourth level, this change in the units, the answer is exactly what is proposed in my book. The answer, as given, is possible…

(T) We have been told that the universe teems with life at all levels, and that humans are just one selection.

(L) And what they are saying, I think, is that this oncoming realm border, this density change, is being felt and is stimulating consciousness. Essentially what has been said is that what is coming up for us is the ending of a Grand Cycle. A Grand Cycle is 300,000 years… (T) Give or take a day… (L) …as we measure time. At the beginning of this Grand Cycle, we were genetically altered to reduce our awareness and also genetically altered through our DNA to perceive time itself. It is in our DNA to be limited this way. Now, at the end of this 300,000 year cycle, a lot of people are reassembling this broken DNA as a result of the changes in energy, and that this is causing their mental powers and perceptions to expand exponentially. I think that they are telling you that this energy is acting on you in a way to allow you to have the breakthrough that you need to finish the puzzle that you have been working on. By having the concepts that you are being given now, you will be able to hold this as a visual and this will give you the key.

(RS) I notice that if the question is not properly phrased… (L) You don’t get your answer! Be specific.

A: Careful not to confuse with too much data that is not connected in the same concept arena, as visitor is concerned primarily with one direction; in order to familiarize let data be absorbed on schedule comfortable to researcher! Like trying to learn mathematics in broken dosages!

Q: (L) They are telling us not to tell you too much at once because it will take you away from the central question you are working on.

(RS) Also, I think we should report this work to the MUFON group!

(T) We offered to do this at the meeting and they don’t want to do it. This does not fall within MUFON’s guidelines.

(L) It is not nuts and bolts. (RS) But this has answered all the questions for the article! In an incredible way! It has answered all the fundamental questions.

(J) This is the first time that we have had someone present who has the technical background to understand what is going on and what kind of communication we are receiving.

(RS) Yes, it has me excited!

A: His energy has effect upon group.



Q: (RS) Two short questions and then I will stop…

A: Ask as many as you desire!

Q: (RS) In our level three, does the use of anti-matter change the sign of the unit? Does this imply the reversal of the sign of the unit of space and time?

A: Yes, but problem has always been for level three entities, that the “other” side is uncharted, therefore experimentation is not recommended, unless with assistance from level four through six STO.

Q: (RS) That is an incredible answer because this is traveling in time. First they said that by using energy you can change the numerical value of the units, and from this (incomprehensible) you can make a (incomprehensible) show. Now the question: how you can go backward in time; by changing the sign of the unit: plus one second and we move forward, if that unit is changed to minus one second, we move backward. So the question, whether by using anti-matter we can move backward. But their answer was saying… precisely, that we are moving from level three to level four. Last question and then I am through.

A: Not correct, Roger!

Q: (L) It’s not going to be your last question! [Laughter] (J) They already said to ask as many as you desire!

A: This session has been designated for you! That is why we arranged for you to be here!! You are about to embark upon an extensive tour, whereby you will be communicating and networking, and in fact studying and researching with others of similar paths. The learning and knowledge gain that will result from this sojourn will have extremely major implications! Therefore, consider this to be your “night!”

Q: (RS) They insist on it! Then, I have another very important question! In Greece, at this time, at the University of Santia (?), the nuclear physics laboratory at the University, there is a potentially fundamental experiment going on based on my studies and this book here, [displays book] to search for fundamentally new source of energy by bombarding zinc 70 or molybdenum 100 via Gamma with 1.294 MeV energy. Will the experiment be successful… (Carla) Ah ah… they will not answer that! (J) They may not touch that one…. (RS) Will zinc 70 be a new source of energy? Can these substances be new sources of energy?

A: All of the experiments you speak of share one thing in common: They all “touch the borderline” from the perspective of the third density side.

Q: (T) When you talked about using the anti-matter they said: “Yes” you can work with it, but you are only getting it on one side and you can’t get to fourth density side unless you have someone working with you from over there, you have to find a fourth density being to help you here… but you are touching it, you are at the edge of where you can go in third density… (RS) Will you help us? (Carla) Yes, let’s be practical! [Laughter]

A: Terry did not give exactly correct answer. It is possible to cross over into fourth density from third, using third density technology. In fact, this has already been accomplished by various individuals and groups on a more or less accidental basis, the problem is “what does one do when one reaches fourth density reality with only third density training and experience?”

Q: (L) Could you, if we spent the time, help us with this training and technology?

A: Yes, but what do you intend to use it for? This is not like going to Disney World for a day, you know!

Q: (Susan) They sure told you, Laura! [Laughter] (T) I guess then that what Roger is working on is hitting the edge of third density and it can cross over! My question is: if a crossover is accomplished, will the experimenters know what has happened? What will they do? Will they be aware that they have just stepped into the twilight zone, so to speak. Opening that up is a door, or a window, and stuff can go both ways! (L) We were told that the members of the famous Flight 19 are frozen in a time warp and are still trying to get their bearings! They think no time has passed. (RS) In this type of theory, this is very plausible! (L) Well, you don’t want to find yourself in a similar position! (T) Yeah, Carla will be on the phone asking: “When is Roger coming home?” And you will be over in fourth density asking: “How do I get home from this one!” [Laughter] (J) I have a question: If it is not like going to Disney World, does the ride ever end?

A: Too complex, your query is too vague.

Q: (J) I was just making a joke! (T) Mirth, mirth! (RS) Did they answer the question as to whether they will help us? (L) They said yes.

A: What is your knowledge quotient regarding following: electromagnetism, Einstein’s “unified field theory.” And did he ever complete said theory, or was it completed under the supervision of consortium, and suppressed. And if so, what are the ramifications!!! Also, Roger, are you capable of “filling in the blanks,” we think so!

[Laura’s note: I don’t think they mean the “blanks” of the unified field theory, but rather reading between the lines of this answer! What, exactly, are the ramifications of research in this direction?]

Q: (RS) From the third level there cannot be a unification of electromagnetism and gravitation because they are identical. There is an identity between electromagnetism and gravitation. So, there is no need of the unification because they are identical. Is this view correct?

A: Yes. What about fourth level?

Q: (T) What does this mean for fourth level? (RS) To my understanding to the third level, this is where the possibility to go up a level comes in. If gravitation and electromagnetism are identical, then anti-gravity exists. The origin of anti-gravity is not unification. Einstein was wrong, but the identification that they are the same implies the existence of anti-gravity.

A: Wrong when searching on level three density exclusively, but this is where the Consortium comes in, i.e. “Can of Worms.”

[Note: “Wrong” is referring to Einstein’s theory.]

Q: (T) It is considered known to the general public that Einstein did not complete his Unified Field Theory, but that may be a falsehood. Part of the disinformation campaign.

(RS) From what we know, Einstein failed to achieve the Unified Field Theory because the assumptions were not realizable.

(T) Maybe his ideas were taken and completed by someone else and suppressed. [Roger sits at board] (RS) Can I ask a question? The origin of the mass of an elementary particle is primarily electromagnetic, therefore, the gravitational field of elementary particle must be primarily of electromagnetic nature. That’s why the view at level three is, outside mass, the gravitation and electromagnetism are identical. This is our belief at this time, supported by experimental evidence. Why is this wrong? I need an explanation.

A: Not wrong at level three, wrong to limit to 3rd level.

Q: (RS) Is it true that the universe has equal amounts of matter and anti-matter as seen from level three?

A: Yes, all others as well.

Q: (RS) Then it is true that the total time in the universe is null?

A: Yes.

Q: (RS) This is incredible!

A: But, Roger less pressure! [Roger lightens up] …thank you. Now, remember, most important concept is balance. How is balance achieved?

Q: (L) I guess that whatever there is one of, there is one of the opposite.

(RS) Matter and anti-matter. So, if matter is flowing in this direction of time, anti-matter is flowing the other way. They balance each other.

(J) STO and STS. We have to have both.

(RS) This is my question of the total time of the universe which is zero. If we flow this way, maybe others in another galaxy are flowing another way. The sum is zero.

A: Not galaxy, dimension.

Q: (RS) Yes. Another level. I always think at level three!

A: Not any more! [Laughter]

Q: (RS) How can we represent mathematically the identification of gravity and electromagnetism, including the fourth level that you suggest? How can this be done? How can the inclusion of the fourth level be realized?

A: We asked you to visualize for answers. It is always there for you to discover.

Q: (RS) It is not going to be easy, but I am going to give it a try.

A: What ever is?

Q: (RS) The question is how to represent mathematically the transition to the fourth level. I think that this can be done by the isogeometries, the geometry which we discussed earlier, which is generalization of the unit of space and time…

A: Geometry is one key, but there is another.

Q: (L) What is the other key? Maybe its a three dimensional matrix. (RS) That’s what we use. We also use the cubic. (L) Could you give us a clue. Just a little clue. (RS) Give us the formula!

A: Have already… access…

Q: (L) They say they already have. Well, you know, all the time when I type these transcripts, I constantly find that things have been said that I didn’t realize at the time the import. (RS) We should have a session… because this is confirmation of the only mathematical model we have of the UFOs… the only one that exists as far as I know. We have a computer model… we cannot build a UFO, we don’t have the technology, but we can put the formula into the computer and get a model.

A: Merge geometry with optics.

Q: (RS) What?! It is the science of light. (L) Geometric light?

A: Matrix.

Q: (RS) That is precisely what I have done. I’ve done a representation of light represented by a unit which is a matrix. I have already done this! Years ago!

A: But you left out one important factor, remember, hypothesis does not theory make!

Q: (RS) I made a conceptual hypothesis in my mind. That’s not a theory. It has to be formulated in a quantitative way, that’s the mathematics, the formula, and then this has to be proven experimentally that it works. Hypothesis, formula, and experimental verification is the process for a theory.

A: Now, what factor was missing, Roger?

Q: (L) What is it? (RS) I don’t know. (L) Maybe it’s because you didn’t factor in fourth density? (RS) Oh yes! That’s for sure! (J) Maybe that’s the missing factor. (RS) But how… I do not know how to express it mathematically…

A: Light waves… gravity… electromagnetism…

Q: (L) They are toying with you. [Laughter] (J) What is this, multiple choice? (RS) I have to think it over. In isogeometry…



A: What role do waves play in third level understanding of physics?

Q: (RS) Transverse oscillation of the ether… the medium that fills up the entire universe. No wave can exist unless there is a medium to propagate it. Transverse oscillations fill up the entire universe.

A: Light, gravity, optics, atomic particles, matter, anti- matter… unify, please.

Q: (RS) That lists everything…

(J) What do they all have in common?

(RS) Oh! All of them are vibrations of the medium that fills up the universe! We perceive things, everything, even spaces between things. Reality is the opposite of this. Because light is a wave, like sound. If you remove the air, sound cannot propagate. Light is the same thing. Light is a wave and cannot propagate unless there is a medium that fills up the entire universe. So what we perceive as being solid and empty is not true perception. The whole universe is filled with the vibration of this medium. So, without the medium, there would be darkness. So, light is an oscillation of this medium. A particle is also an oscillation only the wave propagates and the oscillation stays there. So when I move my hand from here to here, I have just moved the oscillation. The space is oscillating. We are completely empty, but space is filled up. So, the answer is that what they have in common is that they are all oscillations of this medium that fills up the entire universe as perceived from third level and I think from fourth. (L) Maybe they are talking about it in a spectral sense? (RS) They could be…

A: Now, what relation between gravity and light?

Q: (RS) I do not know. At this moment in my studies, I do not know. (L) Maybe that is the key? (RS) Light can be converted into matter, therefore there is gravitation. (L) But, what could the relation between gravity and light be?

[Laura’s Note: What about time? Since, at the speed of light there is no matter and no gravity and no time, maybe the three are different ways of describing the same thing? Maybe time is an electromagnetic, gravity producing phenomenon or vice versa which has a byproduct: matter???]

A: Access knowledge base and network.

Q: (L) They said discuss it.

(RS) The only connection between light and gravitation… the photon and the photon produces a pair of electron and positron, particles and anti-particles, and those particles have gravitation. So, in this way electromagnetic waves… a photon can create matter…

(L) And matter has gravity…

(RS) And matter has gravity, so… it can be converted…

(L) But where does it come from?

(RS) That is a good question because it isn’t known. It could come from a vacuum…

(L) But how does it happen?

(RS) In experiments in the laboratory, you shoot a photon at a nucleus and the nucleus spits one electron and one positron, and so you have conversion of photon into particles. Those particles have gravitation. I do not know if a photon has gravitation. I don’t think so, it travels at the speed of light. There is no time. Time is suspended.

(L) Okay, is it true that at the speed of light, there is no gravity?

(RS) There is no gravity.

(L) Okay, then maybe the speed of light is the antithesis of gravity just as anti-matter is the opposite of matter?

(RS) That is a good point. A very good point!

A: Close.

Q: (J) Is it about balance?

A: All is.

Q: (L) If at the speed of light there is no gravity… (RS) There is no time… (L) Then gravity must be… (J) What keeps us in third density… (RS) The clue… But is the missing clue… are we discussing the missing point to go from the third to the fourth density?

A: Yes.

Q: (RS) Then the point is valid. (J) Is gravity what keeps us in third density? (RS) So, then if you go at the speed of light then you are in fourth density.

A: Now, what is missing factor which allows third density and fourth density matter to achieve light speed without disintegration? Think…

Q: (RS) That is the fundamental question of nuclear physics… matter cannot reach the speed of light intact… (J) Anti-gravity? (RS) Even by using anti- gravity. At this moment, matter cannot do this…

(L) Okay, if you have some matter and this matter is speeding up, and it is approaching the speed of light and it is losing its integrity the faster it goes, what if, at some point you start incrementally adding anti-matter which…

(RS) Use the inverse process… take an electron and positron and put one inside the other and recreate the photon. But matter cannot reach the speed of light… if it does, time stops… there is no dimension…

(L) Maybe it is consciousness?

(J) Awareness?

(RS) If it is awareness, yes…

(L) Can you factor in consciousness mathematically?

(RS) Yes, of course!

A: What is the missing link between matter and consciousness?

Q: (RS) Ah! (L) If we knew these things we wouldn’t be here! [Laughter] (RS) It is supposed to be a field. (J) Is it EM? (RS) No, a bioenergetic field. (L) What if consciousness creates gravity? (RS) Gravity is created by matter. (L) But isn’t matter created by consciousness? Don’t we collapse the wave by observing it? (RS) Yes, the mind can create matter…

A: There are no “gravitons.”

Q: (RS) Not to my knowledge. They do not exist. They are in Einstein’s theory, but I will never believe it… Does our consciousness create gravity?

A: Getting “warmer.” Not “our.”

Q: (L) Somebody else’s consciousness creates gravity? (RS) Fourth level.

A: Level Seven.

Q: (RS) Oh yes! That I can understand! The ultimate level. Is it true that the universe, as perceived from level three, which is expected to be made up of equal amounts of matter and anti-matter, is, in actuality, open? That is, is matter continuously created somewhere in the universe? Matter and anti-matter?

A: Better word would be: Recycled.

Q: (RS) Is it true that the same recycling occurs in the center of the earth. There is a theory that the earth is expanding. I heard this at a congress, that the earth is expanding in diameter precisely because the center of the earth is in process of the creation of matter. Is this correct?

A: Off base, but all concepts are valid within unified dimensionality.

Q: (L) I guess that in some alternate universe that may be happening, it just doesn’t happen to be here.

(RS) My biggest problem has never been new knowledge, but politics, particularly the politics on Einstein. Is the can of worms mentioned before, can you give me anything on this? As soon as you go beyond Einstein, there are all sorts of problems, political problems in our contemporary society. Any suggestions?

A: Political problems have root in effort to suppress knowledge already gained in limited quarters for purposes of control of civilization.

Q: (RS) That is the best answer I ever heard. Very, very good.



(T) I have two questions to ask. About experiments that are pushing the borderline between third and fourth density… what happens when the experiment reaches the barrier? What can we expect?

A: Depends on individual circumstances, as we already have told you, this has already happened many times.

Q: (L) The Philadelphia Experiment, I suppose… (J) Flight 19… (T) Okay, those have had negative ramifications. What are the implications, reaching the densities, without understanding of what has been done?

A: Already answered.

Q: (L) Yeah, they talked about that. Insanity. (J) Yes, and the people who thought they found Flight 19 went nutzoid. When the researchers reach the barrier, will they recognize that something has happened?

A: Partially.

Q: (T) When the barriers have been breached so many times, can it be stopped? In other words, can the breaches be repaired?

A: Vague.

Q: (L) That’s assuming that they don’t close automatically. (T) Do they close automatically once the activity is stopped? No, that’s too vague. While I was walking around outside smoking my cigar, I was getting the image that one of the reasons that Roger is here tonight is to experience this, but also to see and read what we give you. We are not making this up. It is coming from somewhere. There is substance to this information. Roger is going to Europe. You have colleagues in Europe who are working on these very same things. The Cassiopaeans have indicated that you are on the edge of opening this barrier. That this can be done, it has been done with disastrous results the few times that we know of and possibly other times that we do not know of. What I am getting at is, part of the reason you are here and seeing this may be because you need to take this information with you because when they breach these barriers, they need to understand what they have done. Because, if they don’t there is a possibility that what is transpiring naturally will be accelerated. Does artificial breaching of the barrier between the densities accelerate…

A: Yes.

Q: (T) That may be why when we ask how long this process is going to take, this oncoming density change, they answer “one month to 18 years.” And we were thinking that maybe they can’t tell how long it is going to take for this transition point, this realm border to come through our section of space/time and do whatever it does. Maybe what they are referring to is not that, but what people might do in terms of breaching the barrier unknowingly. They are stretching what they know, and pushing onward, but they don’t understand what this is all about.

A: Yes.

Q: (T) You just had the survival of the whole of civilization moved onto your shoulders, Roger! [Laughter] Laura has been sitting here week after week saying “I don’t want the whole burden of the world on my shoulders!” Roger, you just got part of it! (RS) Part of it, yes. I was the technical advisor on the book, “The Andreasson Affair,” because she made all sorts of drawings of things she saw on spacecraft. Any comment on the (incomprehensible) Research Institute in Italy?

A: Institute is controlled by Carboni “Foundation,” which is linked to questionable funding sources; no need to be disappointed, however, as knowledge protects. Therefore one can work in any environment without corruption when armed with knowledge.

Q: (RS) I don’t understand. (J) Maybe you need to find out about it… (L) I don’t think you need to worry about it. (RS) What about Cardone? (Carla) The board said Carboni… (RS) Who is the guy we are talking to on the board?

A: Guy?

Q: [Laughter] (RS) Did they say Cardone or Carboni?

A: Carboni Foundation.

Q: (RS) There is no foundation named this! (L) Well, there may be funding coming from there. (RS) Not from Carboni… (Carla) Wait and see…

[Good night to Carla and Roger who had to leave. Discussion followed.]

(L) As you demolecularize moving toward the speed of light, it can be represented as a cone shape. The point of the cone is the speed of light, a sort of singularity, and as you reach this point, this is where you apply the remolecularizer, because maybe you remolecularize as you emerge into an opposite funnel on the other side. I wonder if the Transdimensional Atomic Remolecularizer is a device that applies anti-matter in incremental, graduated doses, for lack of a better word, as you are speeded up? At one end you have light which has no gravity, no time, no mass. At the other end we have gravity, time and mass. What is the transition? Of the three pairs we were given, they each seem to be opposite to each other: Light and gravity, optics and atomic particles, matter and anti-matter…

(J) It’s all about balance. What is the relation between gravity and light? What is the missing factor which allows third density and fourth density matter to achieve light speed without disintegration? What is the missing link between matter and consciousness?

(L) What is the missing link? Well, I think the relationship is right there. What is it that slows down light causing photons to manifest, collapsing the wave, so to speak, and creating matter?

(J) It may be that this same factor that allows third density to achieve light speed without disintegration. What is the missing link between matter and consciousness?

(L) Well, the relationship is there. We were told we were getting close when we said “consciousness” but that it was not our consciousness, but that of level seven. [Laura’s note: Could electromagnetism be the “field” of the consciousness of “God” or level seven that crosses all densities? Cayce once remarked that “God is electricity.” Is there some range of electromagnetism in the human consciousness that can be detected, amplified, augmented by controlled electromagnetic waves?]

(J) They said that “creation” was a recycling.

Q: (L) Are you still there?

A: As always, Laura, do you think we go out to lunch or something? [Laughter] You keep asking if we are here?!?

Q: (J) They are always here, in us. We are all interconnected. (T) We are them, they are us, right here! (L) Okay, guys, we are so glad you know so much physics. And, since you do, or, since “we” know so much physics… (T) Did you enjoy talking to Roger and would you like to talk to him again?

A: Yes. Will.

Q: (L) Am I getting warm when I say… we have light and gravity, optics and atomic particles, matter and anti- matter, all are ways of talking about a transition… are these three pairs of relationships?

A: Close.

Q: (L) What is the thing that collapses the wave function?

A: ?

Q: (L) Is it consciousness?

A: Yes…

Q: (L) There is more. Can this consciousness be expressed… (T) We are trying to get from a third density concept to a fourth density concept where there is no physicality, per se. At fourth density they don’t have a problem with going at the speed of light and disintegrating, because it doesn’t exist there…

A: Close.

Q: (T) So, for us to try and think of this in third density…

A: Variable physicality is the key.

Q: (L) What makes the physicality variable?

A: Awareness of link between consciousness and matter.

Q: (L) What is the link between consciousness and matter?

A: Illusion.

Q: (L) What is the nature of the illusion? (T) That there isn’t any connection between consciousness and matter. It is only an illusion that there is. It is part of the third density…

A: No. Illusion is that there is not.

Q: (L) The illusion is that there is no link between consciousness and matter.

A: Yes.

Q: (T) The illusion is that there is not a link. In third density… (L) I got it! (T) Don’t disappear on me now! [Laughter] The relationship is that consciousness is matter.

A: Close. What about vice versa?

Q: (L) Just reverse everything. Light is gravity. Optics are atomic particles, matter is anti-matter… just reverse everything to understand the next level… it can’t be that easy. (J) Wait a second: gravity equals light, atomic particles equals optics, anti-matter equals matter? It is all about balance. (L) And the answer must always be zero.

A: And zero is infinity.

Q: (L) So, you are saying that it is not that there is a link, the illusion is that there is separation. There is no difference, they are the same?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) If you warp space/time you travel by bringing your destination to you. (L) Or, you can reverse that and understand that there is no distance between us and, say, Alpha Centauri, it is the alteration of perception that turns the axis and creates the illusion of distance.

A: Now, all you need is the “technology.”

Q: (T) The technology is being developed right now. (J) The technology has probably already been developed, it is just suppressed.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I have a very strange sense that this interaction has ramifications?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) A hint?

A: We could but won’t at this “time.”

Q: (T) Are these major ramifications?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is there anything further for this evening? (T) Do we need to impart anything further to ourselves?

A: No.

Q: (L) Then we will say thank you and good-night.

A: Good night.

End of Session.

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  1. Demih Frou says:

    The Cassiopeians, as depicted in Laura Knight’s communications, seem too materialistic and disconnected from any sense of true compassion and Love, that I think are the essential aspects of consciousness that connect us with the Creator – God.
    On the other hand, Laura has some very interesting descriptions of 4D reality (where “D” means *either* density *or* dimension, IMO), which is similar to descriptions of other people who have done astral travel – although 4D goes far beyond the reality seen in astral travel.
    I think that astral travel, as depicted in Laura’s studies and personal perceptions is more related with the “low 4D”, in the sense that those who live there have less powerful minds than those of the “high 4D” – because the latter are in constant contact with even higher “D”, and their minds are freer and in closer contact with God than the “low 4D” people.

    Here is Laura’s site,

    Thanks for the article! 🙂

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