Underneath the streets of Beijing, there are more than a million people who live in nuclear bunkers.
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The Greatest Discovery Never Seen — Part 1 – Humanity as a Supernova Event by GW Hardin

Editor’s Note: Very interesting read. As stated in the title, this is part one. Part two will be posted the next Sunday and part 3 the next.

THE GREATEST DISCOVERY NEVER SEEN: Part 1 … Humanity as a Supernova Event
by GW Hardin

This year a scientific experiment out of Australia led to a scientific discovery of supernova proportions … that almost no one has heard of. However, American Kabuki reported this discovery while most of the planet turned a blind eye. The mainstream media should have plastered headlines proclaiming “A Scientific Revolution.” Yet, nothing.

What we have here once again is the arrival of Christopher Columbus’ ships upon the shores of the New World only to have the New World incapable of seeing the ships, save for the village shaman. Let this article serve as the village shaman so that the invisible might once again become visible.
We will explore this New World in four sections:

1. What’s All the Fuss? … the end of science as we know it … what it means to our world.

2. Biocentrism Conquers Physics … the Scientific Method was created by the blind.

3. There Is No Death & Taxes … reality is what we choose it to be — the Princeton discovery.

4. Dear and Glorious Humanity … throw NOT off your shackles … there are no shackles.

In a follow-up article, “Part 2 … The Invisible Revolution,” we will go deeper into the rabbit hole of why several top scientists are telling us that we are living in a simulation. The real factor, however, is what we do about it. We are at the gates of a New Eden, the gates are wide open, so why haven’t we walked through them?

What’s All the Fuss?

Throughout its history, the phenomenon known as Observer Effect has been politely patted on the head by scientists as a nicely quaint little phenomenon, simply because it has never truly been understood. How can the mere observation of a photon or electron cause it to appear magically as a wave or a particle, and in some cases, both? In experiments, the “observer” is usually a measuring instrument. But if one is more than myopic, one ultimately has to take the significance of this effect to even cosmic levels. And in such cases, one has to ultimately ask, “Who is the ultimate observer?” Who is doing the measuring of galaxies?

Because the experiments of the past involved massless photons and probabilistic electron clouds, the Observer Effect has been easy to ignore because massless-ness and electron probability clouds are in and of themselves almost impossible to understand. But what the Australians pulled off makes it now almost impossible to ignore. Particles of mass, yes, even huge, gargantuan-sized atoms of helium verify the Observer Effect, making Schrodinger’s Cat no longer a cocktail party joke.

But the Aussies didn’t just stop there. With their latest-technology experiments, they were able to show what chief scientist Andrew Truscott incredibly describes rather bluntly, “… reality does not exist if you aren’t looking at it.” This is the part that the Press has apparently missed. The Observer Effect is much more than what has been understood in the past: The observer, or the act of observing, causes reality to change. What Truscott is telling us is that the observer not only changes reality, the observer creates reality.

How is that even possible? This is the very question the scientific world should be discussing … but isn’t. And to make matters even more bizarre, reality doesn’t really occur in the present. It occurs in the future and then manifests in the present. The Aussies were able to prove this using random number generated grating. The Gizmag article puts it in these words:

However, and this is the really weird part, the arbitrary number generated to determine if the grating was added or not was only generated after the atom had passed through the crossroads. But, when the atom was measured at the end of its path – before the random number was generated – it already displayed the wave or particle characteristics applied by the grating after it had completed its journey.

According to Truscott, this means that if one chooses to believe that the atom really did take a particular path or paths, then one also has to accept that a future measurement is affecting the atom’s past.

See why this sea-change event would be so easy to ignore? What most folks don’t know is that this very same phenomenon shows up in a completely different way in the work done by Stuart Hameroff, MD, and Roger Penrose, PhD ( They have clearly shown that a similar phenomenon occurs within the human body itself. Who knew? Humans are a walking mystery. What Hameroff and Penrose have discovered is that microtubules in every cell of the human body, and in particular in the brain, also “observe” quantum potentials—or what we call reality—in the future, and then collapse that quantum potential back into the present. They even know how long it takes the microtubules to do this. And what is the chief component of this discovery? Consciousness.

So then my question is, what is the difference between the “observer” and consciousness? Can they not be one and the same? Perhaps they are one and the same?

Biocentrism Conquers Physics

Not to be outdone on this topic, Robert L. Lanza, MD, has now entered the debate ( Lanza has been called by the New York Times, “one of the three most important scientists alive today.” He has taken this entire phenomenon of consciousness in the tiny microtubules and catapulted it to the cosmic level in his new Theory of Everything … or what is now called Biocentrism (

Lanza not only posits that the Big Bang did NOT foster the evolution of consciousness, he candidly states that it’s the other way around: Consciousness created the Big Bang … or multiverse, depending on how complicated you choose to get. Of course, plenty of scientists have rushed in line to dismiss his radical theory, as they originally did with Hameroff & Penrose. But in both cases, “modern” physics is losing the battle. Indeed, what we are looking at is either a complete rewriting of all physics textbooks, or the admission that Biocentrism has conquered physics.

Does this sound like hyperbole? Well, then take a look at the latest findings out of the Electric Universe Theory folks, and particularly the incredible work done by the SAFIR Project (, which has shown in their laboratory that our current physics standard model is obsolete.

At the latest Electric Universe Conference 2016, presenters surprisingly showed that not only does plasma rule the universe, but there is growing evidence that planets in particular and more likely all heavenly bodies display consciousness via this plasma. What they didn’t know is that a growing group of scientists is stating that plasma itself is directly connected to consciousness.

Lanza’s Biocentrism Theory tangles intricately with Hameroff & Penrose’s battle-tested Orch-OR Theory (“Consciousness in the Universe”) ( … in that both espouse similar understandings that one can no longer discuss science without also admitting or bringing in the uber-science of consciousness. Both parties have unleashed a scientific revolution that has far reaching implications for humanity and our planet.

Both parties do not stop at breaking down the doorway of the standard model of physics; indeed, both dare even to question our understanding of Einstein’s Law of Relativity. In both cases, the entire notion of space and time are presented as constructs of consciousness. Little do they know that research done at Princeton University not only backs them up but takes the accepted notion of space-time and flips it on its ear. In a column written for Aeon magazine, Professor Lanza along with astronomer Bob Berman write, “We humans, too, lie at the heart of a great web of space and time whose threads are connected according to the laws that dwell in our minds … space and time are the tools [of] our mind.…”

Hameroff might modify that statement by saying that our mind is but a tool of consciousness.

There Is No Death & Taxes

In yet another column written by Lanza and Berman, they simply state “There is no death, only a series of eternal ‘nows.’ ” Recently, at an engagement in Boulder, Colorado, even the Dalai Lama jumped on board with this notion, going yet a step further. In a strikingly profound talk given by the Dalai Lama, he stated that there is no now. There is no past. There is no future. These notions are constructs for the ego. There is only the continuum of consciousness. Both parties agree that there is no death. What we are calling reality is nothing more than an agreed upon construct of rules, a simulation (which will be written about in Part 2)—a Matrix. If we can wrap our awareness around this, then we can re-construct reality. Who made the rule that we have to pay taxes? Bottom line. We did. And we can undo it. We are the co-creators of reality, not its victim.

In 2013, an unexpected discovery came out of the Princeton University Institute for Advanced Study — the discovery of the amplituhedron ( by Arkani-Hamed and Trnka. The amplituhedron is a geometric jewel-like construct that “challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality,” written in an article of Quanta Magazine by Natalie Wolchover. Indeed, the mathematical findings of this discovery is that space and time are artifacts. They simply are not needed in a subatomic quantum world. So why are they so heavily important to us?

Not only is this mathematical discovery capable of operating without time and space, it also is capable of operating without dimensions. When you start weaving all these new scientific discoveries together, an overriding behemoth slowly emerges. It’s a notion that is eons old yet rarely taken seriously in our modern world. And that behemoth is Oneness itself.

Dear and Glorious Humanity

Over the last two years, I have been involved with a series of experiments in Boulder and Denver where consciousness is purposely observed in the presence of plasma fields. The purpose of those experiments was to study whether four factors could be influenced by these experiments. The project was called “Journeys 4-Self Advancement.” Three different statistical pilot studies checked to see if significant changes would emerge in the lives of the participants by doing nothing more than working as a group to observe the four following stages in their lives: (1) Self-Identification, (2) Self-Empowerment, (3) Self-Awareness, and (4) Self That Is Observed as Oneness. In all three studies, participants displayed significant changes in their emotional, mental, and physical aspects of living by doing nothing more than sitting together with intent (the seed of co-creation) for one hour a week for ten weeks observing themselves and one another in the presence of plasma fields generated by a device called the Xynchro™. In all three studies, significant changes occurred in participants’ mental, emotional, and physical lives. What surprised everyone participating was that these changes did not stop at the door of their personal lives. They discovered that these broad spectrum of changes also occurred within their families and even at work as well. By focusing on re-creating their own lives, these participants also changed the lives of others around them.

The implications of these experiments fall in line with the scientifically outrageous theories and discoveries mentioned above. Ultimately, what all this says is that we, oh dear and glorious humanity, are makers of miracles and the co-authors or reality. We, as a species, when we come together, are capable of grandness beyond imagining.

All this work led to a cooperative effort in Denver by creating a unity event called “Yoga As Oneness” in which a group of 60 people came together for a single evening using the Xynchro™, sacred-geometry formation, and designated yoga asanas of oneness to observe what would happen. The overriding reaction from those attending was one of awe and wonder. Many had never had such a profound experience and wondered what it meant. Several realized that something had changed in them for the better, but what? The conclusion was that we should try it again.

Many, including myself, have exhorted people around the globe to continue to come together in unity. Anytime we choose to see ourselves as a People of Oneness, we change not only our reality but that of those around us as well. Imagine the consequences if large groups of us decided to take advantage of these phenomena that can better not only our lives but of all creation around us. Just imagine. In imagining, we become the Observer. And the more of us that come together as the Observer, the greater the outcome. Because the Observer is the author of co-creation. We no longer need to prove it. It has been proven. Let us not remain blind to the greatest discovery never seen.





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Underneath the streets of Beijing, there are more than a million people who live in nuclear bunkers.
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