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Is Nibiru is Already in Our Solar System

by staff writer Stargazer

The idea or belief in Nibiru / Planet X has been around long before the more main stream scientific hypothesis of Planet Nine was brought forth just this year (2016). Of course there are believers and non believers in Nibiru / Planet X, for various reasons some are certain of its existence while understandably there are those that require much more concrete evidence in order to “believe”.

While both sides cite varying reasons as to why it does or does not exist there is an overlooked theory that I would like to share that while some may already be aware of, many might not be.

In random reading and research I’ve come across some enlightening and very interesting ideas theories and possibilities, one of which I have had myself for some time now ever since I began researching our solar system and its planets more in depth. In fact, we alluded to the idea in an article we ran sometime ago entitled: New Study: Planet Nine Likely to Annihilate Our Solar System.

So let’s get into this theory I have (and some other have as well). Keep an open mind when you are exposed to this idea I’m about to present to you because at first it may be natural reaction to want to resist such an idea especially when we are drilled to believe certain ideas for a long time.

What I’m thinking is that it is quite possible that Jupiter could be Nibiru.

Here is the part from the the article New Study: Planet Nine Likely to Annihilate Our Solar System that lends some support to the theory I’m proposing.

“…gas giants are generally found closer to their parent star aka our Sun, and as a matter of fact our solar system is highly unusual in that our gas giants are all in the outer region of our solar system NOT in the inner orbits like they typically are found to be in other systems.”

So it is a scientific fact that it is highly unusual for the larger planets to be in the outer part of their planetary system or in other words their solar system. This highly unusual layout happens to be so in our solar system. The large planets are always seen orbiting close or extremely close to their parent star and this is NOT the case for our solar system.

In addition Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun, gas giant, and subject of the Juno mission, is huge. Huge.

It’s so huge, in fact, that it doesn’t actually orbit the Sun. Not exactly. With 2.5 times the mass of all the other planets in the Solar System combined, it’s big enough that the centre of gravity between Jupiter and the Sun doesn’t actually reside inside the Sun – rather, at a point in space just above the Sun’s surface.

  • Gas giant type planets are not usually found in the outer part of their solar system yet Jupiter is in the outer orbit
  • The Sumerians called Jupiter Nibiru (Neberu)
  • Jupiter does NOT actually orbit our Sun (read about it here: Jupiter So Massive, It Doesn’t Actually Orbit The Sun
  • Of ALL the other planets it is the ONLY planet in our solar system that does not truly orbit our Sun

Add to those points, Jupiter influences Earth’s wobble and therefore its tilt and orbit as well and its affect is always down played by NASA and others. Jupiter causes our sun to wobble so how then can the effects on a tiny planet like Earth be only minor.

Personally I think this is the main reason for all the weather changes including mini ice ages and possibly even any heating that we are experiencing (if any). I’ve always questioned how Jupiter can not be affecting us greatly when its gravity is so strong that it has a fairly large effect on our massive Sun.

If in fact Jupiter is Nibiru and we have been lied to then we really need to find a way to independently determine the true course of Jupiter to determine if it is in fact slowly getting closer or moving away or something in between, perhaps an eliptical orbit that will cause extreme range such as bringing it very close and taking it away extremely far over time.

Take a look at the video below which also shares in this idea that Jupiter just might be Nibiru, watch and listen closely to the evidence in the video by BPEarthWatch then see if it seems like a plausible theory.

What do you think?






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  1. Cosmic Info Wars says:

    Your full of it..How do you figure that Jupiter does not orbit the Sun? Did you research this? Or make it up as you went? It takes Jupiter over 4000 Earth days to orbit the Sun or about a little over 11 years. See the below and learn something before you write this stuff please:

    • stargazer says:

      @@PlanetXConspiracy:disqus I know your comment you left is the typical angry, no thought type of comment where you have your tunnel vision of rage as you try to dismiss any ideas that differ from what’s been drilled into your hard head but do me a favor in the future check the links WITHIN the article before questioning me and going on your standard angry NO! NO! NO! tirade!

      ” Did you research this? Or make it up as you went?” that part really makes me question if you actually read the article or more likely only looked at the headline, or perhaps it’s an issues with reading/comprehension? My idea/theory shared in the article is supported within the article. READ again and please, avoid this annoying BS from taking place again! It’s NOT the first time you’ve done this where you spew your crap and the very things you question was right there in the article.

      This is the last time I entertain this garbage from you!

      BOTH of those are IN THE ARTICLE!!!

      • Planet X Conspiracy says:

        Conformation Biased is not proof of anything. You don’t know what your talking about thats obvious.

        • Right, you are extremely laughable. I’ll make it simple for you since you’re too “smart” to see the obvious solution…GET LOST, no one is forcing you to read it or comment on it. And most importantly no once has the time or care to impress you. Get over it and get a life for crying out loud. Go make a few more accounts so you can look like many people have your view point LOL

        • Quit while you’re behind, you’re truly sad.

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The Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters and one character.