Time Traveler’s Dire Warning: ‘World Will End in 2061 When Halley’s Comet Slams into Earth’

I dunno, I really wonder about all of these rash of time travelers lately. I am open to such things but I just feel like if they have the ability / technology to time travel it shouldn’t be too hard to be more convincing, am I right? This guy claims to give evidence by naming some future event, well I guess us ‘non time traveling folks’ will have to just wait and see. (Video below the article)

via express UK:

A bizarre conspiracy theory video uploaded to YouTube purports to contain a warning message from a concerned time traveller who has seen the death and destruction of the planet 43 years from now.

Jeff Williams, who appears in the video titled “Time Traveller Jeff Williams Goes into the future year 20161’, claims 2061 is the year a deadly fragment of valley’s Comet will end all life on Earth as we know it.

The man in the video says: “Hi, my name is Jeff Williams and I time travelled to the year 2061 and back.

“In the year 2061 the world no longer exists. I was sent back as part of a top secret group called Solarity in order to ensure that the timeline remains stable.”

According to Mr Williams, the goal of Solarity is to keep other time travellers from “messing up the current timeline”.

This supposed group of time guardians claims to have been covertly influencing Hollywood blockbusters over the decades, to spread their message.

Mr Wiliams explains: “For example a few years ago a time travel movie came out called ‘95ers: Echoes’.

“That movie is important because I was born in the year 1966 and when I’m 95-years-old if I’m still alive – which I won’t be – it will be the year 2061. The year that the world is going to end.

“Now why is the world going to end in 2061 and how? Well its the next time that Halley’s Comet swings by the planet.

“And the scientists will say ‘oh no, Haley’s Comet is going to miss. It’s a sure thing’.

“But what they don’t know is that this time when Halley’s Comet approaches, it’s going to split and one of the very large parts of the comet is going to hit, and I know exactly where it’s going to hit too and it’s going to cause a cataclysmic event that ends the world as we know it on planet Earth.”

According to Mr Williams, a fragment from the monstrous Halley’s Comet will detach in the year 2061 and strike down in Lake Erie – one of the five Great Lakes of North America.

He adds: “Now the place I went to in 2061 is pure light. It was like going inside a lightbulb.

“I could not see out and I could not see much of anything inside the light except for the figure of some buildings.

“But what I did hear was I heard peoples voices and them talking to me. When I came back I have a vivid recollection of that event as well as being told that there would be clues that I’d be given along my path in life.”

As outrageous as the claims in the video may be, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support them as anything more than hogwash conspiracies.

Halley’s Comet orbits the planet every 76 years, travelling billions of kilometres during its journey though space.

NASA said: “Dim and distant, history’s most famous comet won’t be back until sometime in 2061.”

During this time bits and pieces left in its dusty orbital path constantly trail off and slam into Earth’s atmosphere.

According to the US space agency, this cosmic debris is what causes the breathtaking Eta Aqaurids meteor shower in May.

For many, seing the periodic comet is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but thankfully Halley’s orbital path takes it far from any planet in the solar system and most importantly from Earth.

Express UK

video via The Paranormal Amen Ra – YouTube

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