We Can Change the Future~

by TS Caladan

Billions of people on Earth were mesmerized when the Associated Press finally released first photos from the much talked about “The World Monitor.” The public was informed by Media in all forms on May 1, 2015 that “pictures had been received from outer space” and had been analyzed for more than a year. Rumors or data leaks provided tantalizing possibilities in the minds of people everywhere. Everyone was anxious to view the strange images.

The World Monitor made global news when it was announced that Swiss scientists, Heitz and Rubinoff, developed a fantastic breakthrough in the search for life in the universe. Only recently was TWM’s existence shown to the public: located on 1stFloor at Brookline Labs on Long Island, NY. Many thought the mechanism was badly named since it was initially believed to invade personal privacies. “The Monitor did not have the capability to microscopically view us, but only telescopically receive images of what was far out in space.”

As radio telescopes and large arrays of dishes ‘listened’ for signals from intelligent life in the universe, the Monitor had the ability to “see” and received transmissions on the order of television. No films or repeated images in a series were found, but four shocking still pictures were collected and examined.

These were the “best signs of life” light-years and light-weeks from our world that the general public was told were real and genuine. Out of millions of blurred images with various resolutions (theorized to vary because of different distances) only four spectacular ones were displayed and nicknamed: “The Bi-Plane,” “The Monster,” “The Tree Cave” and “The Kiss.”

The first lucid image was what appeared as a bi-plane that cut a path possibly along a grass runway. Initially, Heitz and Rubinoff thought TWM picked up signals from Earth due to some form of reflective ‘bounce-back.’ But as more data came in, the clear pixels originated from a distance of 8 light-years. The size of what seemed like a flying craft was unknown. Was this a small toy or drone or very massive in size? The shape of the “bi-plane” made sense except for two “rudders or vertical stabilizers.” Further study found that they were basically “radio antennas” that probably powered the craft, which supported the toy/drone possibility.

The sharp picture of what was labeled “The Monster” was thought to be because of the closeness of the transmitted still-frame. Swiss scientists, unbelievably, claimed the “Monster was located only 500 million miles away,” which put it within our Solar System. Extensive international tests proved that the image was not ‘computer-generated.’ Astronomers theorized that we could have a real picture from either Jupiter’s moon Europa or Callisto.

The third photograph from space called “Tree Cave” appeared very ordinary. Once again, federal researchers thought they might have somehow received an image from our own planet. When The World Monitor calculated the distance of the “frozen frequency,” astrophysicists reported that the Tree Cave was 6 light-years away and from the “opposite direction in space” as the bi-plane signal. The alien aspect to the image was that the darkness around the trees was proven to be a “cave with a defined opening to the cave.” Also a hint of a “second white sun” was found when the picture was enlarged.

The fourth and final picture was said to come from the farthest regions and in the direction of the Pleiades, nearly 500 light-years away. “The Kiss” was considered the most controversial of all because the images appeared as if women were in an embrace. Many people thought it was not a kiss at all. There were even a few that suggested it was an alien with two heads. After more analysis by every technology imaginable from many countries, the results were that “one head had hair which covered her ears and the other had extremely long ears.”

NASA and SETI were virtually forgotten as TWM replaced them in the minds of the masses. Why spend trillions on a myriad of SETI programs and vast Radio Telescope networks when photos from deep space can be tuned-in for pennies? We were told the motto: “Why go into space when space can come to you?” World Monitor was actually a very expensive operation that employed thousands of visible soldiers and personnel that were all in on the Big Lie.

On YouTube, various Conspiracy Theorists had guessed the truth and posted radical views (not aired on TV) that the four “false-flag” images were 100% faked. Some clever people realized the lies and posted radical views not aired on TV.

          Images shown to the public and the entire (aired) The World Monitor Project were bogus, totally fabricated lies and no such ‘Space-TV’ mechanisms were known to exist. The public show was merely a deception to gain huge funding for the highly-secret and very real project, which was the “Time Wave Machine.”

          The Time Wave Machine was a shocking truth of many truths the public never knew about. The real “news” stood on the 13th underground level of Brookline Labs. The Wave Machine was way “Above Top Secret,” while the bogus World Monitor was a very public spectacle 13 floors above on the 1st Floor. Out of 16 ways to curve or move through time utilized by a wide range of aliens and Earth elites, the Time Wave Machine was the most dependable.

Heitz and Rubinoff were given credit for the Monitor’s “big breakthrough.” But like 98% of major discoveries used on the planet’s surface, ALIENS were the true creators. Thousands of personnel assigned to the Monitor Project were actually a part of the covert Time Wave Project. For the last seven years, Time Wave served the secret elites as a “grand galactic learning tool.”

TWM, the real one that drained so much Electro-Magnetic power and public’s money, 13 levels below the surface, stood as the most stable ‘time-conduit’ within many parsecs of space. The reliable “Old Faithful” was always booked far in advance (like a fine restaurant).

There was only one tricky thing about time-travel: A traveler did not alter fixed reality or have the capability to change time for anyone other than him or herself. If an alteration occurred that created a difference or change in the timeline, only the traveler’s universe would be affected. In other words, a whole new alternate universe was made and a different parallel world.

General William J. David did not know this small and awfully important fact. He had a good plan in mind. He thought he knew what he must do to make everything right again. This time he was ready.

A next phase at Brookline Labs’ 1st Floor was a special guided tour for those lucky to have been lottery-chosen and given the rare privilege to visit the formerly exclusive government lab. They might get to see and touch The World Monitor. Families from the U.S. and other countries passed through the huge lobby and flowed into the rear section. Lotto-guests were not permitted to venture to the well-guarded upper and lower levels of the federal facility.

A pretty lady tour guide dressed in red and black told approximately 100 men, women and children lies directly into their smiling faces. The crowd believed every word and got real excited as they approached the Monitor that was under heavy military guard.

“More than 50 years of secret experimentation in a united effort, produced this ‘miracles of miracles’ whereby we can verify without question that the signals are real. The World Monitor crystallizes transmissions from deep space into a digital form that we can view over screens and record the data. Like a radio dish or telescope, we can point the Antenna-crystal to anyplace in space and virtually “fish” for frequency-energies. World Monitor is not a distant viewer, but a cosmic Television Receiver. Scientists have theorized that old TV shows like ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and ‘I Love Lucy’ could be seen by aliens from other stars. In time, with more enhancements to The World Monitor, we may be able to view…their broadcasted sit-coms?”

The crowd laughed.

The General in full uniform and medals stood near one of the white walls whose subtle curves made Frank Lloyd Wright proud. He didn’t smile. General David was half done with what was to him a private and extremely essential mission. Somehow, it got insanely screwed up…

He was amazed and appalled at the simple ‘tourist’ crowd with colorful clothes that reacted in utter awe, as if they were the first people let into Disneyland or a World’s Fair exhibit. General David thought:

They didn’t question the images? They believed all the Media crap? If this was real, the Machine would not be on public display or ever be permitted to be touched by ordinary people. Did they not question anything they were told? The “sheeple” had no clue there were off-world colonies as seen in the film ‘Elysium’ as well as on other planets light-years away. There were super-tech cities deep under Earth’s surface far more elaborate, complex and ultra-modern than anything on land. None of the surface-dwellers (except elites who used it) could imagine the incredibly fast transit system the Illuminati had installed which connected major cities on a global scale…

          It all started for General David when he had the tremendous opportunity that he thought would never happen: to be alone with the Time Wave Machine. Apparently, it was in another universe or timeline, way back then, when…

His job, as General, was to be one of two shift guards that protected the gate entrance and the only corridor toward what functioned as a Time Tunnel. On this particular shift, he was accompanied by a General Blackman, but it was a different guard every round. Each highly paid guard never knew when they’d be called to watch the Wave Machine. They were always partnered with a general or admiral they had never met previously. In this way, security was almost guaranteed and each policed the actions of the other (with 45-caliber pistols) like at a nuke launch site. The guards were never alone to insure the imperative task that only “scheduled users” activated the Time Wave and entered the tunnel.

But on this special occasion, General Blackman was unexpectedly called away on a family emergency10 minutes before the end of shift duty with General David. It was unprecedented. In 15 minutes, a new pair of generals or admirals would guard the entrance to the tunnel. “I’m sure it will be all right,” were the unspoken words. Blackman had to go and David hid how thrilled he was to see him go early.

Here was the chance William David waited years for, at last: like working at a bank and the rare opportunity appeared to steal the goods. He’d have three or four minutes to operate the Wave Machine and do absolutely anything he wanted before the next guards came.

Of course the Time Tunnel was filmed and filmed again at every angle. But with all the temporal techs, mathematicians, physicists, aliens, spoiled brats of the Royalty and Secret Society snobs gone, cameras recorded the same static picture. General David knew how to have the same still picture repeated on the screens that masked the real activity around the Wave Machine.

          It could work!

          Blackman left.

David raced to the control panel in front of the grey tunnel. He inserted an electronic “power-absorber,” which stored and hid the great surge of energy required for his trip. He thought he understood the precise settings of the controls. The Time Wave should propel him to 2008…and to his wife. William also made certain to set the return-timer for 1 minute. It would be enough time to get to the entrance post, 50 feet away, possibly.

          It should work unless the next pair of guards arrived early.

The ‘engage’ button was struck after the “energy vacuum” sucked the magnetic surge and after time/place-settings were input. He had to remember to take the absorber after his journey into the past. He took a big breath and uncrossed his fingers. General David ran into the Time Tunnel and vanished from 2015~

          Will David materialized out of hyperspace behind his house that was located on a side street off Victory Boulevard in Van Nuys, California. He coagulated into a solid form on solid grass in his backyard as things were during the summer of 2008. This reality was just how it was, ages ago, when he was happy. It seemed like a lifetime ago that the terrible tragedy and the sweetest creature in the universe was snuffed out of existence. Maybe he could bring her back?
“Susan was my whole world at the time,” popped out of his mouth. “Oops…” He had no idea of the exact hour and where they were. ‘They,’ meaning the wife and the version of himself from 2008! His full dress uniform as General would surely throw the couple off as well as an older Will David. He loosened his tie and marched toward the house.

The General knocked on the backdoor. He sighed. He received just what he expected:

When the backdoor opened, there they were. The Davids were greatly stunned.

Susan, beautiful blonde, Susan nearly fainted.

Younger Will went for his gun.

“Please! Let me explain what this is.”

The extremely awkward and tense situation was less awkward and tense in a minute.

Corporal David initially believed he was violently threatened by his ‘new friends’ and they sent his clone to kill him.

Maybe bosses at Hughes Aircraft divulged too much secret info to the new recruit and they sent a “replacement” on the big project? Such was not the case.

The General hardly took his eyes off his living, dead wife. Seven years ago he was a lowly corporal that started in a very “hush-hush,” fed program that involved time-travel.

It was no problem for the younger Will David to believe he was in the presence of his future-self. By coincidence, he and his wife just saw a TV commercial where a similar thing happened. Then came the knock at the backdoor…

They sat. The entire urgency of this unscheduled, unplanned time-trip was explained. It was all about Susan. They were in agreement: When the younger William drove home from dinner this evening with his wife, he would NOT take Ventura Boulevard.

The couple said good-bye to him.

The General decided not to shake hands with the Corporal for time-parallel reasons. He caressed his gorgeous other-wife in a very, very long hug.

Everything should work now.
          What were hours in 2008, were only minutes in 2015. He made it back with only a moment to spare. William quickly retrieved the power-absorber, unfroze the cameras and returned to his post.

Right on time, a general and an admiral entered through the sealed security door. The new pair of elite guards immediately questioned the General about the missing one. When digital data confirmed the personal tragedy to Blackman’s family, the early departure was “no big deal.” The matter was forgotten without a report and only a notation.


General David left the covert facility via the underground super-tram system. An electric cushion hovered tram cars inches over the rail and sped passengers over 2000 mph, undamaged.

He needed to go only a short distance to upstate New York and to a bunkered federal library. His new life (after changes) had to be examined. This seemed like the best and quickest way to do it. At the library and only at fed-libraries were official records. He soon accessed General William Jenkins David’s true bio. What discrepancies were there? What had changed? What about Susan?

William was so excited and happy when he saw: Susan Molly David lives! They had a son, Billy. That was different. He printed a hardcopy and left. He went home to his wife and son.

But that was the past and a false flashback…

In the actual present, the General kissed the “sheeple” good-bye in the lobby of Brookline Labs as they filed out with fantastic stories to tell about the amazing World Monitor.

You see, William J. discovered a shocker of his own on his way home. An ‘atomic bomb’ occurred in Will’s mind during the rail ride to 2303 Bradley Avenue when he inspected the printout closer. His enthusiasm as he saw that his wife was alive blinded him to a bit of information recently added…

He was DEAD.

The other Corporal-to-General had six years more with his wife in this timeline than he had. That was not him. The General from 2015 never experienced those years with Susan and son. He discovered that in this timeline, he alone died in a car crash in 2014!

He used his knowledge to get by security walls and found himself on lower levels of Brookline. He wanted to get caught and tell his story. He was desperate. He wanted to activate the Time Wave one more time.

Guards with guns surrounded him and took him away exactly as the General was sure they’d do. To some, he could have been a double-agent or a spy or a ghost back from the dead. To the elites above, they knew exactly who this General David was without a doubt.

David was brought into a grey interrogation room. He told them everything.

“Marc Bolan” (old agent) and “Kurt Cobain” (younger agent) absolutely refused the rogue General’s request to use the Time Tunnel again. The agents believed that he believed every word of his story. Their hearts went out to the poor man who was not of a clear mind.

Will David was in tears. He knew this was not the world he left. These were not the agents he would have met had he ever worked with them. He was a lost ‘iso,’ a person off-the-grid who should not exist in this reality. Why not let him attempt one more time-jump to avoid his 2014 car wreck?

          Instead, Bolan and Cobain fired his ass! His services as guard-General at the Wave would no longer be required. They also understood that David’s mind did not need to be further wiped; it had been messed with enough.

“What?” the former General asked in wonder. He didn’t see a possibility that was right in front of him.

Agent Cobain told the distraught guy, “You’re alive. Go home to your wife and son. They might be a little surprised to see you.”

Agent Bolan said sharply, “And don’t come back.”

David finally figured it out. Could the easiest solution be the right one? She was not the same Sue, but she sure looked like Susan. “Huh. Never occurred to me.” It was magical. He went home~

The wife and child were surprised.

They lived a long and happy life.

The agents did not tell the “General” that the guard duty gig and his entire later life was…

…A phony cover only in his mind. His story and firm belief in his past and recent actions could have been true and went down exactly as he believed it went down. The real truth was:

Professor William Jenkins David never had a wife. He was an obsessed physicist and mathematician and a brilliant builder of electronic equipment. He invented the Time Wave Machine, with alien assistance. It came with an ultimate price. During the final test run through the time vortex that proved the concept, Professor David returned from the prehistoric past and lost his mind. Co-inventor of the Wave Machine was cared for and given the role as “General” and a simple, cushy job as a guard. But now…

Will was safe and sound and lived happily in a soft room with his family.


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