Why Are They Still Killing SUPERMAN?

Written & Contributed to BENDEDREALITY.COM by TS Caladan – June 2016

by TS Caladan


The short answer is ‘They’ have destroyed Truth, Justice and the ‘American Way.’ In Hell, there are no angels or gods or saints or heroes; good is bad and bad is good. Where do you think you are? Sadly, we are inside a dark world where God does not rule and we are all prisoners…

Let’s examine the recent Superman/Batman movie called “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Suddenly we discover it is a Batman vs. Superman movie? These two respected, honorable members of the ‘Justice League’ are now at each other’s throats! They’re enemies? These days, they’re fighting? What’s wrong with the universe? [You know if everything is upside-down, then it doesn’t seem like its upside-down].

Why is “Batman” first in the title? Surely Superman came first; he’s far more powerful and greater in every way than the Batman who has a variety of dark, personal issues. Is it because we’re made to favor Dark Knights and not a Super Knight of the Light?

Why was old Ben Affleck (previously DareDEVIL) miscast in the LEAD role and an unknown actor cast as mighty Superman? Could it have anything to do with an audience made, forced and programmed into siding with the Dark Knight or Batman over Superman?


If readers are unaware of the overuse of RED and BLACK in Media today, then they are blind. We do not notice the symbols and programming (of the evil Agenda) until we are made aware of their meanings. Secret symbols, numbers and images like the One-Eye and Pyramid (usually missing a capstone) are EVERYWHERE…if only we had the vision to see them or have the ability to open our eyes and understand…

Red and Black are NAZI COLORS: They’re Hitler’s colors, used extensively in flags and other war campaigns of the Third Reich. Red and Black are combined to strike fear in the hearts and souls of those oppressed and engineered as controlled victims of fascists. Today, we are ‘under the thumb’ and control of the New Roman Empire whose colors are RED and BLACK, so prevalent in the visual Media. They are also the colors of the Devil!

Notice how overused red and black are in commercials, award shows, movies, clothes of musicians, celebrities, fashion, art, top sports superstars, music videos, album covers, movie posters and ads for television shows and various products. You won’t notice how OVERUSED the ‘banner’ colors are until someone points it out. Then your eyes might be a bit more opened…


But you won’t like the vision of what you see today. Does Superman’s “S” on his chest now represent SATAN? See how the “Dark Knight Rises” over the goodness, truth and justice of Superman. These are symbols and THEY have been showing us the slow decay of society and a detachment with common decency and compassion. Why do we remain blinded? Is it because we dystopians don’t want to believe the truth? Is it because the world is so lost and beyond repair? Or is it the desolate hopelessness for the future they have forced us to believe?



Let’s examine the Batman/Superman movie in greater detail: Batman’s creators were seen in opening credits before Superman’s creators. Who is Bill Finger? Do we have him to blame for the new Dark Knight? Why the following opening line?

“In the dream, they took me to the Light…a beautiful lie.”

BTW: Did we have to see little Bruce Wayne’s parents killed for maybe the 50th time on screen? (How many more times will we see Peter Parker get bit by a radioactive spider?).

Bruce Wayne says to Alfred that superheroes have always been criminals, nothing’s changed. Alfred replies, “Everything’s changed!” Are we actually being told of the moral decay of society? Could that be what has CHANGED? Are we being told of the CHANGE in all superheroes lately? Are our heroes pulled to embrace the Dark Side because (possibly) their creators are deeply embedded into the dark evil side of many things?

“…There was a time before. There were perfect things, diamond absolutes. Things fall, things on Earth…fall.”

Senator speaks of the ‘collateral damage’ Superman has caused. “The world has been so caught up with what Superman can do that no one has asked what he should do.” The Committee holds the ‘Man of Steel’ responsible.

A black woman from a destroyed village says, “He’ll (Superman) never answer to you. He answers to no one. Not even, I think, to God.”

Alfred (Jeremy Irons) says to Bruce, “New rules…men fall from the sky. A god hurls thunderbolts. Innocence dies. That’s how it starts, the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness…that turns good men…cruel.”

False God’ in reference to Supe is written on signs and in the background a few times. It is a theme throughout the movie. Superman (alien-god from Krypton) was always a good guy, but now he’s a menace to society. So is the Truth.

The Batman is also considered a danger. Kent, at his desk on the Daily Planet, speaks of the Bat’s threat to the City. Since when is Gotham and Metropolis next to each other?

Everything’s changed, all right. Perry WHITE is a BLACK man. On the ‘Supergirl’ television series, Jimmy Olsen is black. This writer’s personal belief is these COLOR changes were done on purpose and part of a coordinated effort to darken good and elevate evil to where Satanic and violent tendencies of hatred, revenge and war are readily accepted. [Don’t misunderstand. I am not being racist in any way. I am complexly saying we have been programmed to not know Good from Bad any more. I am certainly not saying the ‘Black’ man represents evil. I am saying the Dark Side IS Evil and needs to be snuffed out by light, truth and justice and not glorified. Also, maybe, we should stop using the terms ‘black’ and ‘white,’ since they only extend differences in people that really are not different].

Lex Luthor’s son, head of Luthor Corp and played by Jesse Eisenberg, tells the Senator that a painting in the room should be upside-down. “We know better now, don’t we? We know the Devils don’t come from hell, beneath us. No. They come from the sky.”

Perry White tells Clark, “Don’t invent a Conspiracy Theory to put back his (Superman’s) halo.” (Don’t create something Crazy and get things right~).

And later still, Wayne tells the Committee, “He could burn the whole place down and there’s not a damn thing we could do to stop him.”

At this point we switch to a new movie set to be released August 5th, later this year called “Suicide Squad” with Will Smith and Jared Leto. Here is how the first trailer starts and possibly the movie. A voice says: “Gentlemen, ladies…What if Superman had decided to fly down, rip off the roof of the White House, grab the President right out of the Oval Office? Who would have stopped him?

This is connected to Batman/Superman. Movies are connected at the top of an evil Industry and push a dark agenda. A reverse reality or illusion/deception that millions in the audience are forced to accept is…

The President and world leaders including the Pope are good. But we should fear this awesome Power that is true/blue Superman [when he has always proved to be a godsend and blessing while kings, queens and leaders of countries never were].

Why is this idea acceptable? Why are few in the general public outraged? Have we been victimized so much by FEAR heaped upon us that we simply succumb to fear and become numb, blind, deaf and dumb ‘pieces of clay’ to be molded by Controllers and social engineers of the world? Get it straight: Superheroes are good no matter how ‘they’ [the real enemies] have changed them. World leaders were never good no matter how Media have changed them in our view. Nobles were never noble with a system based on injustice, poverty, slavery and war forced upon their subjects. Are we so used to running to Authorities and believing their dictates in times of crisis that we fail to realize THEY were the ones behind the crisis in the first place?

In the third Superman with Chris Reeve, he tossed the planet’s nuclear arsenal into the Sun and got rid of the madness the military seems to covet so much. In this old movie, the Military Industrial Complex didn’t like that. ~But it’s what a super Human Being would do; crazy, compassionate things like stop wars, show love, care and concern for all people. It is what great human beings do. They do not march to war and believe bull*#!% or create bull*#!%. They know better and understand that all wars and (contrived) disasters are only the rich or secret New Romans exerting their fascism and dominance over their poor slaves. Media LIES!

COLOR means something. Take a good look at the new costumes for our ‘superheroes.’



Supergirl and Spiderman (DC and Marvel) are not immune to the darkening or slow trend to devilish RED and BLACK. Big Studios and film studios are behind it, as Puppet-Masters pull their strings. [Aleister Crowley, Hitler and present-day warlocks and witches must be very proud]. Look below at the changes or DARKENING of only the Superman character over time.


…And now we have more red and black with the ultimate hero: DEADPOOL. You see, today, the answer for everything appears to be shoot’m up dead! Doesn’t really matter: machine-gunned, pistol-shot or blown up real good by bombs, the important thing is a very high dead body count. That’s entertainment! Deadpool symbolizes the Devil, if you didn’t know? There are lovely commercials for him and he’s seen ‘on a date,’ etc. This is Satan and the youth have been coerced into making this heartless mass-killer the next, big superhero. Sad.


Here is the future of our ‘superheroes’ ~ true, merciless KILLERS and ‘purgers’ and slayers of…

It doesn’t matter. As long as there is OVERKILL and blood and guts. Also PG films where they don’t actually show the gore all to reach a wider audience. There is always unceasing Killing. We become desensitized to it, numbed. It doesn’t bother us anymore and we accept it. Some young kids copy the violent behavior. When I viewed a poor copy of ‘Deadpool’ for only minutes, I noticed how excited, emotional and worked to a frenzy the audience in the theater was every time this Satan KILLED. They were thrilled at each violent death. The body count might have been hundreds. The story doesn’t matter anymore. There is only required KILLING and basically, ritualistically, honoring the Devil in various ways that most people are unaware.

You know that cute Cat (?) movie called “Keanu” with Key and Peele, the PG one that so many young kids got their parents to take them to? By the end of the movie, the body count had to be about 100 dead and, of course, all matters are sorted out by the GUN, specifically, machine guns! A million DOG movies; they finally do a kitty film and it turns into violent, perverse trash.

They or Disney attempts to have a moral ending, such as in “Huntsman,” but examine it and others closer. Moral decay and darkening of the Good Side seems to be omnipresent in these programs. This is subtle programming and has a disastrous, negative ripple effect on society.

Don’t believe there is a dark agenda to movies and television programs and Disney aimed at our children? We’ve been ‘Harry Pottered.’ Have you seen the latest Muppet Movie, two years ago, that paved the way for the (cancelled, thank God) Muppet, late-night talk show, television series? You could view that cinema graphic piece of devilish garbage as more DARKENING.


[Never spend money. Go to free movie sites like or and…] See this film. You might ‘toss your cookies’ because this was not your parent’s Muppets. (What did happen between Jim Henson and Disney?) You won’t believe it…even the Muppets [Sesame Street was always Mind-Control for our children]: Kermit is secretly kidnapped and replaced by an evil twin who sounds European and has a mole. More Dark Side as if that is (just about) the only plotline in every movie and TV show. Did you know ‘Lucifer’ is a cool cop on TV?

The title of the latest Muppet movie called “Muppets Most Wanted” is a play on words. It is not that the Muppets are in high demand. No, they’re OUTLAWS or bogus Kermit certainly acts like one. It’s a parallel to Superman because that green frog is compared to a symbol of JUSTICE and everything sweet and nice, just like we remember him in the old days. But now, Dark Kermit (the other one) acts despicable and heartless.

Consider that this author has ‘flipped his wig’ or I am onto something. Months ago, Burger King fast food ‘restaurants’ introduced a red bun. Tasteless food color could tint the bread ANY color. Did they choose the Blue Burger and a ‘cool campaign’ to get us ready for summer? No. Did they give us the royal Purple Burger, they are Burger King, you know? No. Instead, they gave us the “ANGRY BURGER” that could only be colored RED (like the hair of Ronald McDonald and Wendy).


Why is it “Angry Birds” and not Happy Birds or Strong Birds or Smart Birds or Brave Birds? No. It is mean, old eye-for-an-eye, revenge-filled Angry Birds. And if your answer is, “There’s a game called that.” Well, there’s also a new movie that tells children to resolve every issue with ANGER, hatred and violence. Why now?

The new “Jungle Book” movie could not have been anything similar to what Rudyard Kipling imagined in the original novel. Remember the 1967 Disney film with a bear singing “Bare Necessities”? Well, you should see what Disney did to Kipling in 2016. I had to view the 1967 animated film to see if there was any fire at the end. There was: a small brush fire. In the new version, Mowgli is surrounded by what seems like more fire than the rivers of Mordor! It almost appears as if there was more fire [important Devil element] in ‘The Jungle Book’ than when Obi-Wan sliced up Anakin at the edge of the Fire River!

Why produce Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood’s End” now? The 3-part series covered the span of his books and visiting/controlling aliens that appeared as red, horned DEVILS and preached a better way…really were devils and anti-the human race! Possibly the message of the film was what the prime Devil said…

You’ll lose your children.” In other words, they’re not yours anymore…they’re ours.

Compare the icon or DVD cover and poster for these two movies: “Neighbors 2” and “Captain America: Civil War.”

“Political interference in the Avengers’ activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man.”


The lineup on the icon or poster for both is the same. Are the neighbors happy, strong, smart or brave? No. The neighbors are FIGHTING. So are the birds. And WE are the ‘birds’ and twits who tweet on Twitter and chirp and say nothing. We are only given crumbs to feed on from those who can afford a hell of a lot more.

In the new Captain America [wasn’t he the Human Torch, Johnny Storm?], we have a CIVIL WAR and superheroes fight superheroes. Anything like Batman vs. Superman? Not a new threat or nasty villain as was in the early and innocent days, but today the heroes are fighting each other! And you don’t see a common thread? A similar theme? We are FORCED into violence and war and away from all natural and good things like peace, love, parents, family, morality, decency and compassion for every human being. Are we heading toward an (X-Man) Apocalypse ‘they’ have forced us into believing? Notice the 5-pointed star of the Devil dead center of the poster for “Civil War” and forms a pyramid on the bottom.

Let’s return to details of Batman/Superman: Dawn of Justice: Senator says, “Must there be a Superman?” She is almost saying, “Must there be a God?

Batman is viewed over a majestic panorama of a devastated world. Does the image represent dominion of Satan over Earthly or material existence?

Something is definitely wrong. Comic book readers of the new era know of the darkening of the superheroes and a shift to the Dark Side. But fans of the old movies, serials and comic books remember a Batman that did not resort to firearms. Did Adam West pull out a gun and kill people? Ben Affleck’s Batman shot up a whole mess of people before he was captured.

It was a terrible movie. How’d Batman escape after Superman pulled his mask off? We didn’t see. The movie was not supposed to make sense and what does today? Imagine a world where Superman and Batman have never met. When they do, they are bitter enemies? I guess they’re no longer “Super Friends”?

These are the dark stories that get produced on television and in the theaters and by big book companies. You’ll never see a good show called “White Magic.” You’ll never see something wonderfully creative like “The Twilight Zone” or moral like the “Kung Fu” series on TV.

Senator says in fear: “Does Superman act by our will…or his own?

Superman walks into what resembles a courtroom and there is FEAR. We’ve been made to fear the Man of Steel instead of revere him. The Senator stumbles on her words when she says: “Truth.” A bomb goes off; everyone dies but Superman just stands there amid the devastation. The false impression was he caused the destruction and the many deaths.

Now Superman seems to actually abandon the ways of justice and righteousness from long ago. He says, “All this time, I been living my life how my father saw it, righting wrongs for a Ghost…thinking I’m here to do GOOD. Superman was never real, just a dream of a farmer from Kansas.”

Lois touches the “S” symbol on his chest and says, “This means something.”

Superman replies, “It did on my world. My world doesn’t exist anymore.” Was he really talking about the past, far from today’s society?

Near the end, Superman is confronted by Lex Luthor’s son who says, “Boy, do we have problems up here (capstone). The problem of evil, the problem of absolute virtue (?)…the problem of you on top of everything else, the problem of you above all…because that’s what God is.”

Then the rich, corporate, young man strangely calls Superman, “Horus, Apollo, Jehovah…Kal-El.” It actually is not surprising that ‘Pharaoh’ Rulers of the World honor classic times and old gods. He says Superman’s full, given name of “Clark Joseph Kent.”

Lex’s son says, “If God is all powerful, God cannot be all good. If you are all good, then you cannot be all powerful.” Therefore, Superman must be corrupt because he is powerful. This cynical view is the view of the Illuminati, the world elites, which are not so elite. They believe and hammer us with: There’s nothing good, saintly, godly, angelic or holy. They often place their own Darwinian fears and despair into methods of Mind-Control that are the multi-Medias…and it is passed onto us, the viewing public. The boy also says, “They need to see the fraud you are with their eyes, the blood on your hands…

Superman is a symbol for God by Devil-worshipping, atheistic, pagan filmmakers. The boy kidnaps Superman’s mother, Martha Kent. He tells Superman he must fight Batman or his mother dies. The boy has also screwed with Bruce Wayne’s life as to make Superman his enemy.

The crazed, long-haired boy would have made his father, Lex Luthor, very proud. He also says the battle will be: “God vs Man, Day vs. Night and son of Krypton vs. Bat of Gotham.” Little Luthor says, “Now God will bend to my will.”

Apparently, God is still dead, along with Superman, Truth, Justice and everything good and right in the world.

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Click Image to See Some of TS Caladan’s Very Cool Art!


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