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Your Government Wants Total Control – Doomsday Dave

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Written by Doomsday Dave

Are you safe, will the government go against the second amendment and confiscate your guns that you need to protect yourself.

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Then on the flip side of the coin you have law enforcement encouraging people to arm themselves and I think that this has a lot to do with the terrorists threats, but it is is a good idea for when Marshall law is declared and the one world government is established. You may want to hide away some of your weapons and ammunition so that if the military or swat teams come knocking at your door to take away your only defence. See link below

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The link below will take you to a web site that has the full story, just scroll down to the picture above and you can read the full story.

All the apocalyptic events are slowly emerging which is at a speed that most people do not realize that it is happening now.

Most people do not want their lives disrupted so they ignore any warning signs believing that if they ignore them it will never happen, well I got news for you it is at your back door and you better wake up NOW.

There are many different ways of hiding and securing your weapons and the picture below is just one idea. I have seen and posted other furniture that can conceal your guns and ammunition, just look on the web for more ideas. May I suggest that you don’t hide all your guns as the government will know that you have some so just leave the less important ones in a regular gun case that way when they come to confiscate them they hopefully won’t search too hard and only take the ones you have stored in the regular manner.

You may think I am a little paranoid but I sincerely believe that this time will come in the near future and it does not hurt to be prepared.

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I don’t think that any US troops will be knocking at your door to confiscate your guns and ammo I think it will be foreign troops that don’t give a rats ass about your rights.

Don’t just take my word for it, but when you open the link below you will have a better understanding of what I have been saying. Russian and Polish troops have been training in the US in the event of civil unrest. I think that when a country goes to these extremes I think they fully expect this to happen in the very near future.

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Russian troops on American soil to train in urban warfare on your streets. The military big brass understands that US soldiers will not go against the second amendment and raid American homes to remove your guns but Russian soldiers won’t give a crap about your rights. Don’t say that you have not been warned because you have and if you choose to do nothing then you will have to suffer the consequences like being dragged off to a converted Wallmart internment camp.

Back in 2013 the department of homeland security purchased 1.6 billion hollow point bullets, I wonder why hollow points and why so many. I wonder if they will give them to the Russian troops and use them against the American people who paid for them with their tax money. Well I guess time will tell, but you have to realize that you mean absolutely nothing to the elite people of this world.

Stay safe

DDD signing off. Keep your eyes on alternative news.



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