Your Sleeping Position Can Reveal Some Interesting Things About You

Those who have got a university degree are most likely to sleep on their left side each night – known as ‘leftie loungers’, according to a new survey.

The position you sleep in reveals plenty about your age, your job and your hobbies and how well rested you’ll be, a new survey reveals.

According to the findings, those with a university degree are most likely to sleep on their left side each night and have been dubbed ‘leftie loungers’.

And adults who drift off on the right side each night are more likely to be smokers and coffee drinkers, the poll of 5,000 people suggests.

The heaviest drinkers are regarded as ‘stomach slumpers’ – those who drift off while laying on their front. Utility workers struggle to stick to just one position, freestyling in a variety of different choices to fall asleep.

The report, commissioned by Sealy, a mattress manufacturer, also reveals how some positions can boost sleep quality.

It showed those who adopt the ‘star fish’ position, spread out on their back, wake up feeling the most refreshed.

The results scuppered what researchers have pointed to for decades – that those who sleep on their sides get the best night’s rest.

Laying on the left or right side, mimicking the fetal position, promotes a clear, unobstructed airway and helps the body reach deep REM sleep – which helps the body repair overnight.

Yet, experts recommend sleeping on the back as it allows the body to rest, preventing any pain or discomfort during the night or in the morning.

However, instances of snoring and sleep apnea are much more frequent when a person is sleeping on their back – which can leave them feeling unrested in the morning.

Neil Robinson, marketing director at Sealy, told MailOnline: ‘We know that certain sleep positions promote a good night’s rest; laying on your left or right side for example, and that’s perhaps why these are the nation’s favourite.

‘So it’s therefore surprising to see so-called “star-fish” sleepers reporting the highest levels of waking up feeling refreshed and well-rested when compared with any other position.

‘It is also fascinating to see the associated demographics linked to each sleep position, and we would love to know if this really rings true with lefties, righties, slumpers, star fish and freestylers up and down the country.’

Stephen Mattews
Daily Mail

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