US Billionaire Initiates Campaign to Impeach Trump, Says He is ‘Mentally Unstable, Armed with Nukes’

US billionaire has launched a campaign, calling for the impeachment of “mentally unstable” President Donald Trump, who has brought America “to the brink of nuclear war.” Tom Steyer, an American billionaire and self-identified environmentalist addressed the public in a video released on Thursday. “He [Donald Trump] has brought us to the brink of nuclear war,” the tycoon said. Steyer lambasted … Continue reading

According to a National Poll Nearly Half of US Voters Want to Impeach Trump

A new national poll has revealed that the disaster of the Trump-sponsored replacement health care bill is firing up opponents from all quarters to dump Republican lawmakers in next year’s midterm elections, and even impeach the president. A new Public Policy Poll (PPP) has found that just 40 percent of respondents approve of the president. In an unprecedented finding, 48 … Continue reading

Californian City Unanimously Approves Donald Trump Impeachment Resolution

Councillors in a California city have voted unanimously in favour of impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. Politicians in Richmond, near San Francisco, also called for Congress to investigate the President’s business ties. Gayle McLaughlin, who led the move, told ABC7: “This is our voice. This is our country. We have a right to speak up.” The symbolic vote formed part … Continue reading