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Former Pentagon Military Intell. Officer Basically Admits ‘We are Not Alone!’

Well by now most of us have seen the stories all over the internet and even main stream media about the secretive program that was run by US Department of Defense which was kept under wraps but now revealed. We’ve all seen this type of footage before (ie. the Chile Miltary jet UFO encounter) and that never amounted to much … Continue reading

Could the CERN Hadron Collider be behind the Recent “Unexplained” Radiation over Europe?

The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland has been a source of mystery,conspiracy and intrigue from its inception. Over the years there has been many questionable and very strange events around CERN and many articles covering those strange events. You can do a search for the word CERN in our search bar in the top right of the page … Continue reading

Is Nibiru is Already in Our Solar System

by staff writer Stargazer BENDEDREALITY.COM – October, 2016 The idea or belief in Nibiru / Planet X has been around long before the more main stream scientific hypothesis of Planet Nine was brought forth just this year (2016). Of course there are believers and non believers in Nibiru / Planet X, for various reasons some are certain of its existence … Continue reading

Apocalyptic Asteroid 2009ES Passed Safely So Far, But Are We Really Out Of The Woods Yet?

by staff writer Stargazer BENDEDREALITY.COM – October, 2016 Not too long ago there was worry from all the stories of doom from asteroid 2009ES, or actually Minor Body 2009ES as it is also referred to due to its massive 10 km size but all had breathed a sigh of relief as it passed safely during the first week of September … Continue reading

Earth’s Weakening Magnetic Field, Solar Minimum – Cosmic Rays Increasing

by Stargazer BENDEDREALITY.COM – September, 2016 For those who take interest in the area of space/science and the effects of space weather on our planet they will likely already have read or heard that scientists are forecasting a solar minimum and in fact we are in one of the weakest solar cycles in more than 100 years. During solar minimums … Continue reading

Asteroid close flyby Feb 17 2016
Two Hazardous Asteroid Passes To Happen In 2016-2017

Written by Stargazer BENDEDREALITY.COM – February 17, 2016 VIEW OTHER ARTICLES BY THIS WRITER There has been a fair bit of excitement, worry and even anxiety over the upcoming near Earth fly by of asteroid 2013 TX68. Even with the usual assurances from NASA that it will not hit, one still has to wonder or worry just a little since … Continue reading

UFO Sightings – Too Much Hollywood, Too Little Authenticity

Written by Stargazer – BENDEDREALITY.COM VIEW OTHER ARTICLES BY THIS WRITER Ever since I was kid I was fascinated by UFOs and and the possibility of aliens existing. I would constantly seek out and read books on the UFO phenomenon and as a natural extension I was also fascinated by movies covering the subject. I might be dating myself here … Continue reading