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By Carlos Rodriguez Ruiz BENDEDREALITY.COM Humanity has come a long way. It was only 1919 when we flew over the ocean for the first time. Now, a bit over a century later we have flying vehicles exploring other worlds and probes travelling across interstellar space. Not an easy feat. But despite our achievements, many believe that some scientific leaps in … Continue reading

A Rope Over An Abyss

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – April 2020 “If you could look directly into these creatures’ eyes you’d realize that every detail of your life, no matter how personal, how mundane, how minute, is known to them. Unless a person has been through the trauma of an abduction, they cannot comprehend how these entities can strip the mind & … Continue reading

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Six Real Phenomena That Science Cannot Yet Explain! Sixth Sense?

By Guest Writer Carol Dunton BENDEDREALITY.COM – April 2020 Today science is stronger than ever, but it is not yet omnipotent. So there are phenomena that cannot be explained in any way and they are still a real mystery to humanity, despite the fact that there are various conjectures and hypotheses around them. We share with you 6 unexplained phenomena … Continue reading

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Mandela Effect – Analysis of a Worldwide Phenomenon‘ – BOOK by TS Caladan

ANNOUNCING PUBLICATION OF NEW MANDELA EFFECT BOOK by TS Caladan (TWB Press) After months of researching the Mandela Effect, which consisted of reading about it online, talking to people, but mainly viewing THOUSANDS of YouTube videos… I’ve changed (excuse the pun). I’ve went from skeptic to non-skeptic in time, under the weight of evidence. If the masses feel comfortable in … Continue reading

Mandela Effect – Changing the Bible Magically

by TS Caladan Very few people would believe that physical things are changing around them due to what’s been called the “Mandela Effect.” Don’t believe that a new [Matrix] reality has been pulled over our eyes, different from the world we remember? You mean you believe C3PO has always had a silver leg or Oz’ Scarecrow certainly pulled out a gun in … Continue reading

Geoengineering: How Afraid Should We Be?

By guest writer Jeff Rudolph BENDEDREALITY.COM – March 2019 Geoengineering or climate engineering is exactly what it sounds like. It is playing God by taking things such as our weather, our climate, and the entire environment into our hands and manipulating it. It is recklessly destroying our planet. It is performing huge operations without our knowledge that are speeding up … Continue reading

Reader Comment on Comet K2 and More

A visitor of our website left a comment on one of our articles from a little while ago that I would like to share. The article he commented on is titled: Comet or Nibiru? Hubble Spots Supposed ‘Comet K2’ – Farthest Active INBOUND Comet To Date, you can take a look at it if you don’t remember seeing it. Here … Continue reading

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Former Pentagon Military Intell. Officer Basically Admits ‘We are Not Alone!’

Well by now most of us have seen the stories all over the internet and even main stream media about the secretive program that was run by US Department of Defense which was kept under wraps but now revealed. We’ve all seen this type of footage before (ie. the Chile Miltary jet UFO encounter) and that never amounted to much … Continue reading

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Reptilian Control of Earth – Part 5: HUMAN MUTILATIONS

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – November 2017 LINKS TO PRIOR ARTICLES IN THE SERIES: Bombshell Interview Exposes Reptilian Control of Earth – PART 1 Bombshell Interview Exposes Reptilian Control of Earth – PART 2 Reptilian Control of Earth – Part 3: Missing Civilizations & ‘Spider Beings the Size of Volkswagen’s’ Reptilian Control of Earth – Part 4: Illuminati … Continue reading

Patrick c-CIA-Terrorist Img-Headline-IMG

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – November 2017 CIA IDENTIFIED AS TERRORIST ORGANIZATION The CIA has been identified as a Terrorist Organization under the U.S. Federal Code of Regulations, the USA PATRIOT Act Section 802, the UN General Assembly, and the UN Security Council. This is covered toward the ending part of this article. The CIA was exposed as … Continue reading

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